Albion Online farewell to the era of payment
Albion Online farewell to the era of payment

Albion Online, an unconventional Sandbox MMO, was announced last month by developer Sandbox Interactive that it will switch to a free model.From April 10, 2019, Albion Online will be officially released free of charge, free and open for players to use at will.Now that anyone can download games and create a free account to play with, Albion Online no longer has to be ordered as usual through an optional Premium.While the premium subscription is preserved, the official FAQ explains that "the free account is not restricted to any game and can be directly involved in all aspects of the game.Since the business model has not changed, all account types of Premium funds or game COINS can still be purchased.

Many of the players who have already bought the game have expressed skepticism about Albion Online's shift to a free-to-play model.Completely don't have to worry about, in fact this Sandbox for those already by buying raised Packs or Starter Packs support Albion Online players (this is the only can enter the game prior to the start of F2P mode method) for the generous gift, such as, sole ghost Wolf mounts will become "arch", this one in the future any other players can do it, apply for three days, a senior, and access to 1000 gold COINS and special avatar ring.

Many players will also be curious as to why the Sandbox announced it was free.From the official FAQ, it is clear that the delegates gave clear and reasonable answers.According to the developers, the goal is to help them realize the long-term vision of the game as soon as possible, such as being completely driven by gamers.Only by making it directly accessible to as many players as possible can the dream of Albion Online be realized faster.After careful consideration and implementation of the free-to-play model by the developers, Albion Online players will definitely see more players walking back and forth playing the game, which will be the only real change they can experience.

Hopefully, the FAQ linked here details that many other gameplay and economic changes are also in the works, as well as free games.Whether you're new to the adventure of Albion Online, a new user who's just starting out, or one of the many Albion Online players who's always been Online, we want to know what you're really experiencing.Is Albion Online worth the free player?Will moving to a free model improve the experience offered by Albion Online?Feel free to share your thoughts and Suggestions in the comments section below!

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