Albion Online Upcoming Update Queen Leak: Change, Game Mode, System And Release

Posted:Sep 20 ,2019

Source: MMOAH

With the recent discussion of Albion Online developers, some messages about the upcoming update Queen leaked, or called adjustments, nothing can be more exciting than the preview, let's take a look first.

Those changes are added to the Outlands through five different methods: the New Outlands Map, Hideouts, Open-World Territory Battles, Expanded Crystal Realm Battles, and Zerg Debuffs and the Smart Cluster Queen. The specific implementation of each point has also been listed below.

The New Outlands Map is changed with more exciting new content for the Outlands, there are the most valuable resources at the center of the area instead of the far northern end to give more challenges to the players, meanwhile, the distribution of some resources and the number of territories in each zone will be adjusted. At that time, players might have to spend more time to get used to.

Hideouts can be placed anywhere in the Outlands with some features, they are strong enough that they can not be destroyed casually. However, you need to protect it for a short time to make it invulnerable for the first day and the next day after it has been constructed. Once established, you players are allowed to enter who own guild grants permission to and engage in a variety of activities, crafting, storing the equipment, setting a respawn point and holding a Marketplace.

The previous 5v5 GvG battle system was deleted and replaced by a new combat system, Open-World Territory Battle, which may call for more players to jump into, along with new systems, new enemies and so on. The challenges will be more difficult than before, and the attacker will start a battle to get control of the territory, while the defenders must do their best to remove the attacks and protect the zone. We still don't know if you will like it, but it will definitely bring you unexpected excitement.

Meanwhile, the players are allowed to join in high-stakes 5v5 fights, Crystal Realm Battle, after building a group with other four players with a Crystal Realm Token. Once succeed, the players can get rewarded and more chanced to upgrade the Token to more events.

In order to deal with all the players in battles better, Smart Cluster Queen System and Zerg Debuff are added to analyze how many players in a crowded area and how much they are contributing, and then make the deeper adjustment for better game experience.

If you feel that the summary above is not clear enough, watch the video carefully and notice what the developer is saying.

Another one you are concerning about, the release date of Queen, we have not gotten much news about it, that's because the developers didn't have its plan, but we will continue to provide you with more details to let you know more.

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