Albion Online Roadmap 2020 Adds Solo Dungeons And Group Gameplay

Previously, the roadmap update 2020 of Albion Online was revealed, beyond the long-awaited Queen update, it also shifted part of the players' attention to a new aspect, solo and small group gameplay.

The premier is the addition of solo dungeon, Corrupted Solo Dungeons, which are meant for PvE-focused players, along with non-linear with possessed mobs.

The newly added dungeons will swallow any player entering them through closing the entrance behind them and preventing others from following them. While searching for an exit, players have to defeat the demon's minions, and the demon itself. They are allowed to invade one another's dungeons for a 1v1 PvP encounter.

For players preferring group battles, to a degree, the update will also add the Roads of Avalon, several mystical paths, which connect locations all across Albion. For once, only a limited number of players are allowed to pass through an entrance during a limited time to travel deep into the Outlands, avoiding the ganking at city portals altogether.

Even though the small groups can also find access points into the Roads of Avalon, entering the valuable group content while traveling.

Beyond these, the update also makes a variety of improvements in combat, economic and UI, meanwhile, the long-term, big-picture thinking has also focused on improving the Royal continent and the faction warfare experience and work on the mobile version of Albion Online.

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