Albion Online Percival Patch 11 Is Now Available, Bringing Combat Balance Adjustments
Albion Online Percival Patch 11 Is Now Available, Bringing Combat Balance Adjustments

Percival is the seventh major content update of Albion Online released on July 10, creating the Randomized Dungeon system in the game full of new content. After that, the developer Sandbox Interactive has released different versions of patch notes one after another to make minor adjustments and changes.

One day ago, Percival Patch 11 of Albion Online was released, featured numerous combat balance adjustments, updates to the zerg debuff and some other changes.

In order to give more effectively reward to smaller armies, the zerg debuff values have been updated through various ways, which is not applicable for GVGs any longer, regardless of how many allied players are in the territory.

Besides, the healing sickness duration and Siege Ballista damage have been increased to some extent, following numerous updated melee, ranged and magic skills.

The changes will be reserved until January 20 when the standalone season starts, and Michael Schwahn, the Combat Designer of Albion Online emphasizes that all changes are not intentional.

"We wanted to shake up the healer meta a bit, and to push the siege ballista as a viable counter to other battle mounts. We also felt it was time to reduce the utility of Parry Strike, in order to open up more of a variety with bruiser builds." said Michael Schwahn.

This is not enough, and it is added a new boss called Uncle Frost in some rare dungeons, defeating the mysterious and powerful enemy will unlock the Christmas-themed loot for the upcoming festival, including a chance at holiday-themed mount skins.

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