Albion Online Guild Season 7 Is Going Well, Coexisting Challenges And Rewards
Albion Online Guild Season 7 Is Going Well, Coexisting Challenges And Rewards

Last Saturday, Albion Online released the seventh Guild Season along with new challenges and special rewards, even the competition mode between players would be different, if you play well, you will have a chance to get the seasonal exclusive mount skin. If you have jumped into it, go on it!

Compared with previous seasons, the challenges with Guild Season 7 have changed a lot, mainly in the guild challenges. The guilds are fighting for improving their rankings by completing various quests, defeating monsters, fishing, farming and more. After that, they can earn the Challenge Points to exchange Season Points. Besides there are many other challenges waiting for the adventurers to complete.

During the new season, it introduced a brand new mount skin, the Divine Stag, who is a tank-like mount with a heavily armored exterior, and can attack the enemies by spitting deadly poison. However, only the guilds which reach Silver Rank or higher are able to get the mount, and the higher the level, the more attachments will be acquired.

Finally, the winner of Guild Season 7 will receive a statue in Conquerors' Hall, which is the same reward as all past winners.

More improvements and patch notes are being constantly released on Albion Online official site, if you don't want to miss any one of them, please keep eyes on it.

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