Albion Online Fall Fame Boost By The End Of Allhallows
Albion Online Fall Fame Boost By The End Of Allhallows

We just spent a busy week in Albion Online, Halloween week, a Halloween-themed dungeon, evil pumpkins, as well as ghosts floating in mid-air, now finally there is some time to have a break, but this is not over. Until November 13, Allhallows will haunt Albion, and the Fame Boost runs during the period in order to round out the Halloween celebration.

Currently, Albion cities' are sure to be full of Halloween decorations, this is just the perfect time for a Fame Boost. Starting from November, the Fall Fame Boosting will last for 7 days, and all in-game events in Albion Online can get 25% additional Fame for a whole week and ends at maintenance on November 11.

The Fall Fame Boost is live now, this is a mysterious new standalone event season, and the Mists of Albion buff will be automatically enabled for all players synchronously. This is an opportunity for you to unlock new gathering and crafting tiers, as well as raising your combat specs sky-high, so don't miss out.

Generally speaking, this is not the first time for Albion Online to release a week-long Fame Boost, as early as September last year, the developer Sandbox called for Albion Online fans to participate in such an event, they could earn extra Fame or rewards through collecting, crafting or killing monsters. If you happened to participate in it, you may be familiar with the Fall Fame Boost, so look forward to your performance this time.

Albion Online is such an attractive fantasy MMORPGs, first released by Sandbox Interactive in July 2017, it used to be a subscription-based game, and Albion Online became a free-to-play game until April 2019.11.6.

Albion Online insisted on the player-driven economy, "you are what you wear", this is its particularity, and it is precise because of it, Albion Online players almost complete the work depending on themselves, including collecting, crafting even leveling up. While Albion Online Silver is often the object of debate among players, in real life, they need to buy AO Silver for the game or realize their dream.

If necessary, MMOAH will be a good choice because it always sells legal and usable in-game currency, and AO Silver is only part of them. It is such good that it always receives praise from consumers, so relax to do so, you won't regret your choice.

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