EA already announced that Battlefield V would be available for all gamers on October 16th,2018. There are still over 2 weeks for us waiting to access from now on. The official announcement from EA is:

“Starting on October 11 for the EA Access and Origin Access Play First Trial* and Origin Access Premier members, October 16 for Battlefield™ V Deluxe Edition early enlister access, and October 19 for the Battlefield™ V Standard Edition.”

Yet, some gamer already took a sip before anyone else did, knowing the Alpha Test of Battlefield V already had accomplished and EA always is overprotective of his own unborn cubs. Ninja, reputed as one of the famous Fortnite streamers, uploaded a youtube video of his gameplay in not-yet-released Battlefield V. Clearly, sponsored by EA, and with “his ability to deliver high-tier gameplay along with entertaining antics”, Ninja got the privilege to show off his admirable skills and tactics in the video, which also considered as one of pre-sale advertisements and propaganda for EA business. This video gained more than 1.3 million viewers by now, has opened a massive argument in its review region. Some viewers questioned and suspected Ninja already took a break from Fortnite video-making and shift his priority from that to this game, even permanently. A small part of opponents indicated that the video is nothing but a devious scheme that EA came up with to compete with Fortnite, which owns over million online players, and dedicated to obtaining the Fortnite Streams into Battlefield V. Some followers teased and joked about that the video showed is “Fortnite 2” or “some weird Fortnite gameplay” by Ninja. Another one said this is the sellout of what Ninja did to Fortnite, although he immediately admitted and clarify the former comment is nothing but "a joke". However, This video maybe is exactly what the part Ninja fanboys called for - someone convinced that it’s the right time to see Ninja shifting his gaming stream to another title, as getting light aesthetic fatigue of his Fortnite Battle Royale adventures- even he had been presented master-class operations and exhilarating narratives all the time.

In this Battlefield V gameplay video, Ninja showed the consistently exquisite Battle tactics, also revealed many astonishing details that EA hasn’t ever intended to announce before. Playing as a medic soldier, in a squad capture mode, Ninja presented a lot funny and memorable moments in his stream, like using needle injection to revive his squad mates, calling for a JB-2 Rocket hit the strongholds, eliminating the enemy squads with a semi-automatic sniper rifle which is not historically corresponding to the original war zone. But no one argues with the impressive graphics and the authentic dreadful battlefield simulation effect EA provides in the stream. As a matter of fact, many players, who originally came to seek another episode of Ninja’s Fortnite Battle Royale conquering, turns out rooting for the upcoming latest work of EA.