2019 May MapleStory Fest: A Sneak Peek At The Scheme Nexon Will Implement
2019 May MapleStory Fest: A Sneak Peek At The Scheme Nexon Will Implement

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MapleStory Fest, which was inaugurated in the April of the last year, seemingly comes back to Maplers again in the next month, according to the official statement from Nexon.

Allegedly, MapleStory Fest is able to pull off due to massive quantities of followings and diehards, mostly driven by nostalgia and fixating on their childhoods. It is why MapleStory is still updating and evolving since its debut in 2005 and MapleStory 2, the orthodox sequel of MapleStory, could get so much attention and engagement in the first month of its release.

However, nothing will last forever, even includes video games. After over 5 months of exploration and progressing, MapleStory 2 turned itself into a cover-girl-esque has-been. According to Steam records, 95% of the concurrent players of this game have vanished and evaporated during the five months, and most importantly, it didn't get any better recently. It was gladly seeing the decline of active players' number take a pause for some causes, however, the rise seemed nowhere to seek for and anything in the game doesn't turn around or better off than before.

A new project called New Leaf has been rolled out to address all the issues within the deep side of the game. Recently, it focuses on patching up the MapleStory 2 Mesos sink reduction and Epic Pets. Note that this project is nothing but a proactive diagnosis before a real "surgery", means that nothing will be changed and no effects can be found until all the promising measures are really deployed to the game. 

MapleStory Fest will be a pure cash cow that only serves to rake in big profits through selling off the nostalgic stereotypes, or is going to a convention for introspection and prospects, along with a few more handshakes and heckles? We are unable to figure that out until the release of this MapleStory Fest coming to May 11th on Los Angles. Here is the trailer of this fest(FYI, many footages of it is taken from the last-year fest highlights video)

In case of comprehending the whole process and detailed contents, below is a list of unveiled activities that this 2019 MapleStory Fest will probably conduct. 

All MapleStory Fest tickets will be sold through an appointed website entry, instead of on-site sales. Each ticket cost $20 and one person is limited to have a maximum of two tickets. The ticket sales won't start until Mar. 25th. More details about this Fest can be found through here

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