A new Gridiron season means months of uncertainty in aspects of the NFL, however, many guarantees to the 2018 campaign happen to be established. The Patriots it is still playing football come January. Hue Jackson could possibly get through his entire variety of pained expressions about the Cleveland sideline. And a new Madden will emerge in the season’s formative weeks.

There’s no Madden 19 release date confirmed established. Still, that hasn’t stopped fans proposing the options they’d possib to see, from essential franchise-mode tweaks to more expansive portions of Longshot story mode. Below I’ve curated the top such suggestions unearthed on official forums, social media marketing and various other NFL-obsessed corners on the internet. And no, “just delete the Browns” doesn’t make list. Sorry, Hue…

1. Dedicated build-up towards the playoffs

Both Philadelphia and New England played scintillating football en route towards the Super Bowl, matched by various snazzy broadcast aspects of the likes of NBC and CBS. Yet in Madden, there’s little a feeling of immersion since the season’s critical fixtures enter into view. “I want a screen dedicated for the playoffs once week 12 or 13 has become reached – not only for a few seconds prior to starting your game, as Madden 18 has it now,” writes UpNorthCatsFan on Operation Sports.

Comrade Reyes The Roof smartly elaborates upon that idea. “EA should put in a playoff chase feature when teams start using a chance to clinch playoff berths, divisions, home field, etc that teaches you when a team has a possibility to clinch, and what they desire to happen [in order to perform so],” he writes. “I'm [currently] in week 17 which has a one-game lead over two teams with the final wildcard spot, and I'm facing a 12-3 opponent – so I'd like to determine what scenarios will get me in, regardless of whether I lose.”

2. Adaptive AI

An ongoing downside to online Madden, specially in Ultimate Team, is opponents mastering 3 to 4 plays and running them time and time again. Lolubuypacks from Muthead proposes an answer which would likely be complex to formulate, but improve all modes with time: adaptive AI. “If the [human] player keeps employing the same plays, your AI team-mates should automatically adapt from a certain amount times. I personally don’t have too many difficulties with spammers, however it would make game more exciting if people was required to open up the playbook a tad bit more.”

If that can’t be implemented, EA forumite DSyed11 champions a favorite mechanic from years gone-by which really really should have been restored for the series at this point. “Old Madden games employed to allow you to match your best CB about the other team's best WR, and also be strategic about who covers who. Madden 19 has to bring this feature back. It’s excessively easy to avoid a great corner simply by putting the WR inside the slot or around the other side, along with the defense neglects to adjust in any respect. Make the action so defenses can adjust and it’s really a chess match.”

3. Expansion teams

It’s always been rumoured that this NFL offers to eventually award a 33rd franchise to learn in London – and Madden fans feel so strongly about having one of these option in-game that there’s even a web based petition for EA to incorporate expansion teams like a feature. It’s actually been inside series before: when you took control from the Houston Texans in Madden 2002, you could potentially build their roster yourself using the NFL’s real franchise draft rules. Very cool that it was too.

"Expansion teams have been from the series before – such because the Houston Texans in Madden 2002."

The tech can also be readily available via Madden’s pucking good, hockey-obsessed cousin. “Madden 19 needs to have the customisation options you've when creating a 32nd team in NHL 18,” writes TRMJay within the official EA forums. Those options add a selection of cities both in and out of of North America – including Berlin and Helsinki – as well as the ability to design your own personal mascot, and this aforementioned expansion draft. It works fantastically, and is a natural fit for Madden – though sadly, NFL clearance most likely.

4. Deeper playbooks and create-your-own playcalls

5. Home-field advantage

This will be the third year running I’ve beaten the home-field-advantage drum, and GR will continue to try and do so until it’s implemented. Seattle, Kansas City and Pittsburgh are famed for affecting opposition performance with noisy, raucous atmospheres, yet there’s been no try and replicate their effect in-game.

“I do not think Madden has ever matched the intensity and rivalry games like NCAA has, ever. Man, I really require back to NCAA 14,” writes TheOriginal_Frostbyt on Reddit. In EA’s fabled college series, crowd noise would sometimes make receiver pass routes go wiggly whenever you viewed them ahead of the snap. ScruffMixHaha incorporates a suggestion along similar lines: “There must be possible miscommunication with receivers when you are performing an audible in pre-snap in a away game. The awareness [attribute] could decide the receivers’ possibility of messing it.” For years EA has been doing a commendable job of developing CenturyLink Field look accurate. Now it must make the place *feel* accurate, too.

6. Retired numbers

Small info is the key on the success of leading sports games like MLB The Show 17 and NBA 2K18 – and Operation Sports poster Reyes The Roof picks up on a vital one essential for franchise mode. “A little thing I'd like to discover is the capacity to retire numbers per team. I get so annoyed when I play Green Bay and they've got a kicker wearing #4. I started checking out the roster of my upcoming opponent once a week and changing uniform numbers for any individual that is utilizing a retired number, or even a number that is not officially retired but does not get given out anymore.” No gamer should have to try and do that – e-mail, a Packers player wearing the shirt Brett Favre made famous immediately shatters Madden 18’s illusion of reality.

7. Deeper player customisation

Confession time: back from the PS2 times Madden I would ritually update player cleats, tape and helmet styles for around a fortnight before heading anywhere near franchise mode. Yet there’s a perception that PS4 and Xbox One still haven’t trapped with classic Madden in terms of player customisation, and fans rightly clamour for the step-change in this particular field.

“I second, third and fourth [the idea of] individual equipment-colour customisation per player,” writes Patsguy49 on Operation Sports. “[We also need] more assortment of Under Armor cleats. Like the ones sported by Tom Brady. There are four pairs of UA cleats in the sport, with one set of low tops, and they’re hideous. Spat-style ankle tape [can be welcome too] for Brady and Matt Ryan. Also, short- and long-sleeve jersey selections for players. Not every player with long jerseys sleeves ought to have them at Peyton Manning length, like it’s the ‘80s.”

8. Return with the QB vision cone

9. Reconfigure quarterback accuracy

If the return on the QB vision cone is regarded as too controversial, you may still find other ways EA can tweak the passing game to enhance both realism and fun. “Add a passing speed rating, so the speed with the pass isn't entirely based upon arm strength alone,” proposes ForUntoOblivionSoar∞ at Operation Sports. “Arm strength really should have an affect on passing speed, however it is primary focus ought to be the distance a ball might be thrown. The speed of the pass would then count on: (1) The user (will they throw a bullet pass?), (2) The passing speed rating, (3) Arm strength. Also, maximum throwing distance needs to be entirely established by the user and arm strength. Not every QB can toss the ball precisely the same distance. QBs with bad arm strength should finish up throwing ducks or passes short on the mark should they try really deep passes.”
Back towards the future

The Madden ambulance, as well as other key features we require  returned to sports games.

“There needs to be more poorly thrown balls, but not on the point where they bring about interceptions or blatantly inaccurate throws,” echoes fellow OS-er nttnybuc. “Basically more "safe" bad throws: overthrown deep, out-of-bounds on outside routes, balls thrown just behind a receiver seeing the field. This would keep completion percentages more realistic, without counting on defenders jarring the ball loose. I would love to view receivers having to regulate to balls, using catch rating determining their effectiveness and ability to perform so.”

10. Take Longshot inside a new direction

If FIFA 18 – which saw money for fictional The Journey protagonist Alex Hunter – is everything to go by, Madden 19 continues the Longshot story of QB prospect Devin Wade. That move is smart, but a majority of fans concur that they’d prefer a touch more player choice on this occasion. “I'd being a focus on another position besides quarterback, perhaps put you within the position of the halfback or, in the event you really want to p*** people off, a kicker,” says Reddit poster Vitefish.

Jetman999 agrees the mode is welcome back, but having a narrative do-over. “[For example,] school dropout who goes to/returns university and amazes when he joins the football team, finds newfound NFL dreams.” Which, er, isn’t actually that different from not too long ago. Alternatively: “Foreign exchange student joins football team, chases pro level. Or, player having a large good football failure. And if EA really wants to get REALLY REALLY bold: Player tries to be first female NFL player. There are actually no rules against it. In fact, there is a female kicker at one with the regional combines a short while ago, together with there being another right this moment on an NCAA D2 team.”

11. An NFL 2K5-style halftime show

GR covered this to a extent recently in your look at 13 key features we end up needing returned to sports games. If that argument wasn’t convincing enough, watch these vid. Or tune in to JMD from Operation Sports. “The game could well be better for me whenever they got rid of Larry Ridley,” he writes. “I find him irritating and skip over each time he opens his mouth. And still, all of these years later, unfortunately we cannot have a halftime and post game show as effective as NFL 2K5. I know EA probably doesn't want to [bother] simply because think most will skip over it, however it would put in a lot of realism to your game.”

With presentation an essential focus, you’d think it’s a matter of time. Yet I appear to have been saying that for your best part of any decade…