10 Fortnite PS4 & Xbox One Tips To Close The Gap On PC
10 Fortnite PS4 & Xbox One Tips To Close The Gap On PC

Fortnite is a phenomenon no matter what platform it’s on. Hell, it would probably revitalize the Vita if it was ported, such is its pulling power. However, if you want to find the highest skill ceiling and come up against the best players, you’ll want to come up against PC opponents. While you may never be able to match PC players in terms of sheer speed of inputs, this Fortnite PS4, and Xbox One tips will help you to close the gap.

Bear in mind that these aren’t gospel and are rather basic just to help you out with a controller in hand. However, if you’re constantly coming up against trouble and could do with a nudge in the right direction, these tips for Fortnite on the console could make the difference. Some of them are obvious and may not be suitable for older Fortnite players, but if you’re brand new to the bewildering battle royale experience, here’s what you need to embrace.

1. Builder Pro
The first thing you should do when you start playing Fortnite on console is to switch your configuration to Builder Pro. This allows you to build structures extremely quickly by pressing any one of the four bumper buttons. It takes a little while for muscle memory to kick in, but the pain is worth the reward. Combine it with turbo building and you will be able to build a 1×1 in seconds.

2. Turn your sensitivity up
Fortnite’s default sensitivity on PS4 and Xbox One is beyond lethargic. Slowly cranking it up until it’s anywhere between 7 and 8 is a good idea as it will allow you to build quicker and also react more swiftly to being shot right in the back, which is wonderfully common in Fortnite. It will take a little while to get used to, but try to learn “flicks” on the sticks to line up properly with opponents and you’ll find yourself becoming a far better shot.


3. Press instead of hold to interact
Whoever decided this was to be a part of every game in the world needs to be jettisoned into space. Holding down a button to interact with an item is a pain that just slows you down; you’ll want to turn that off immediately. This becomes useful in Fortnite for when you are going for a chest at the same time as someone else. While they panic and spam the button, you only need to press it once. It’s also easy to cancel if you need to back out quickly.

4. Practice building
A very general Fortnite tips this, but one that feels particularly pertinent when talking about the console. There’s a tighter skill gap on console than PC, meaning that most engagements come down to the tiniest of details. Take the time to work on your building by dropping on Wailing Woods or Lonely Lodge, farming a load of wood, and then using Builder Pro and your higher sensitivity to build some neat things as quickly as you can.


5. Turn off auto aim for editing
A strange decision from Epic, this. Typically, if you go to edit a structure you’ve placed, the cursor will automatically try to veer itself towards a certain square. It may be useful for when you’re starting out, but it’s actually hindrance the more you play and the better you get. Turn it off and freely edit doors and openings in your walls to get out quicker than ever and turn the tide of an engagement.

6. Organise your inventory
The thing that will get you killed the quickest is not organizing your Fortnite inventory and especially on console. You can’t individually select an item or bind a specific one to an input, you instead have to press your way through it until you find what you need. Don’t make the mistake of having your healing right next to your shotgun when you actually want to bring out your SMG. A solid inventory layout: assault rifle > shotgun > SMG > sniper/explosives > heals.


7. Check out a Scuf
Now, unless you eat, sleep and breathe Fortnite, spending over a hundred dollars on just a controller might seem a tad ridiculous. However, if you have the money spare and want to get as close to possible to the keyboard experience, you ought to check out a Scuf. These customizable controllers allow you to choose back paddles for inputs, which is two more than a standard DualShock or Xbox controller. Nickmercs uses one and he is a monster.

8. Use a keyboard and mouse
If you’re absolutely obsessed with being better than the competition and can’t just have fun with the game, a keyboard and mouse setup could give you an (arguably unfair) advantage. A controller just can’t compete with the speed and efficiency of a keyboard, meaning that you have a distinct upper hand. However, Epic has recently mentioned looking into pairing KB&M players with other KB&M players on console, so this may not be a viable plan for too long if you’re just looking for an edge.


9. Dive into 50v50
Not that console-centric a Fortnite tip this one, but still one that can get you acclimated with the fundamentals in a low-stakes way. 50v50 tends to attract other less than stellar players and with so many resources and weapons to be found, it’s a good place to practice the basics without worrying about your stats being forever ruined. Just don’t expect your teammates to do a damn thing to help you out, though.

10. Find the right ADS sensitivity
A simple one this, but a Fortnite tip definitely worth following. ADS (aim down sights) sensitivity determines how responsively your sticks react to move while aiming. By increasing the level, you increase your freedom of movement. It takes a little while to get used to, but Fortnite is one of those games where practice makes perfect. If you turn off (the generally unreliable) auto aim as well, you will have a far better understanding about how ADS works and be able to switch targets much faster.

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