The Importance Of Lords Of The Fallen Items

Items in Lords of the Fallen are various props and equipment that players can obtain and use in the game. These items play an important role in the game, including the following aspects:

  1. Equipment Upgrades: LotF Items can provide better weapons, armor and equipment, making characters more powerful in battle. Players can continuously improve and upgrade their equipment by collecting items to enhance their character's attack power, defense and other attributes.
  2. Skill Unlocking: Some items may have special effects or unlock new skills. Players can acquire and use these items to expand their character's skill tree and unlock more combat techniques and magical abilities.
  3. Treatment & Recovery: Some items can be used to heal and restore the character's health, energy and other resources. In the heat of battle, using items to restore health or regain energy is crucial to your character's survival.
  4. Puzzle Solving & Exploration: Some Lords of the Fallen Items in the game may be related to puzzle solving and exploration. They may be used to trigger traps, open hidden passages, or solve puzzles in the game world.
  5. Trading: Players can trade LotF Items with NPCs in exchange for other items, equipment, vigor or resources. Sometimes certain NPCs will offer unique items or tasks, and players can take advantage of different items to get better deals.

In summary, items play an important role in enriching and enhancing character abilities in Lords of the Fallen. Players need to obtain and utilize various items through combat, exploration, and trade to better challenge enemies and advance the storyline in the game.

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5 Best Beginner Builds For Lords Of The Fallen
5 Best Beginner Builds For Lords Of The Fallen

Lords of the Fallen, known for its challenging gameplay, presents tough obstacles in environments, enemies, and boss fights, testing players' patience and skills. For newcomers to this genre, navigating the game might seem daunting. However, there exist numerous customization options that can ease the journey for beginners.

If you're new to Lords of the Fallen or the Soulslike genre, trying out one of these beginner-friendly builds might significantly assist you in navigating the game.

Of course, in the process of making your build, you will definitely have to invest a certain amount of Lords of the Fallen Vigor. So you must prepare some in advance!

5 Best Beginner Builds For Lords Of The Fallen

5. Strength Build 

  • Focused on close-range encounters 
  • Utilizes Strength weapons for potent damage 
  • Employs a shield for character protection

The Strength Build is a popular choice among both new and seasoned players during their initial playthrough. It heavily relies on the Strength stat, enabling the use of powerful weapons that inflict substantial damage. 

Additionally, incorporating a shield aids in blocking enemy attacks, reducing incoming damage.

Choosing this build allows for equipping robust armor, bolstering defensive stats to withstand various forms of damage and status effects. Although centered around close-range combat, investing in both Vitality and Endurance becomes crucial to enhance health and stamina

Opting for a Strength Build provides reliability and effectiveness in Lords of the Fallen due to its resilience.

Lords of the Fallen Strength Build

4. Ranged Build 

  • Specializes in long-range combat 
  • Primarily uses Agility weapons 
  • Deploys ranged weapons such as throwables, bows, and crossbows to maintain distance from enemies

A Ranged Build revolves around engaging enemies from a distance while dealing damage. It primarily focuses on Strength and Agility stats, as most ranged weapons necessitate these attributes for use. 

The game offers a variety of ranged options, including bows, crossbows, and throwable weapons, each with distinct ammo costs managed via a separate Ammunition bar.

This build strategy involves avoiding direct hits by initiating battles from a distance, ensuring damage output before enemies close in. 

It is recommended to have a melee weapon available for situations where ammunition runs out or to finish off adversaries.

Lords of the Fallen Ranged Build

3. Radiance Build 

  • Specializes in utilizing Radiant spells 
  • Primary focus on the Radiance stat 
  • Employs an array of Radiant spells for substantial damage, healing, and character buffs

Similar to the Faith stat in Souls games, Radiance provides various spells that deal damage, heal the character, and offer buffs. 

A Radiance Build not only caters to beginners but is also a popular choice. Utilizing Radiant spells enables players to engage enemies from a safe distance, inflicting significant damage.

Additionally, Radiant spells include multiple healing and buff options, making the gameplay more manageable without concerns about running out of healing resources.

Incorporating a Radiant weapon for melee combat and ensuring a stock of Manastones to replenish mana for spellcasting becomes essential.

Lords of the Fallen Ranged Build

2. Inferno Build 

  • Specializes in using Inferno spells and applying Burn status effects
  • Primary focus on the Inferno stat 
  • Utilizes spells to deal substantial damage, causing enemies to burn gradually

For players fond of pyromancies in previous Souls games, the Inferno Build proves familiar and straightforward. It is an easily manageable and dependable choice throughout the entire game. 

This build focuses on dealing considerable damage to enemies from a safe distance, inflicting the Burn status effect that steadily reduces their health.

Having an Inferno weapon and maintaining a supply of Manastones for mana replenishment is vital since Inferno spells consume more mana compared to other spell types in the game. 

Initially, acquiring potent Inferno spells might be limited until the mid-game, but once obtained, they significantly simplify gameplay with this build.

Lords of the Fallen Inferno Build

1. Strength Radiance Build 

  • Focuses on both Strength and Radiance stats 
  • Allows versatility with melee and magic attacks 
  • Maximizes benefits by employing heavy weapons and potent Radiant spells

This build not only suits beginners but also stands as one of the strongest options in Lords of the Fallen. Combining both melee weapons for high damage output and Radiant spells for damage and healing creates a balance between 2 aspects of gameplay. Although this build emphasizes 2 stats, its effectiveness is noteworthy.

Engaging enemies with a Radiant spell followed by swift melee strikes with a powerful sword renders adversaries defenseless. 

The Strength Radiance Build proves potent in facing groups of enemies, challenging bosses, or even in PvP scenarios.

Lords of the Fallen Strength Radiance Build

Best Runes In Lords Of The Fallen - Top 6
Best Runes In Lords Of The Fallen - Top 6

In Lords of the Fallen, there's a significant focus on Runes, which players can place into various weapon and shield slots. These Runes offer distinct buffs, each unique in its abilities. They can be utilized on weapons or shields, and if two Runes of the same quality are equipped, they provide stacked functions for enhanced effects.

Advancing through the game grants players more Runes, enabling them to customize their builds and optimize their weapons as they progress.

In the process of obtaining runes, you will inevitably need to go through some battles. At this time, if you have enough Lords of the Fallen Vigor, you'd better buy some good armor and weapons in advance. This will make it easier for you to fight the enemies!

Best Runes In Lords Of The Fallen - Top 6

6. Aelstrix

  • Enhanced Ammunition and Throwable Damage Boost
  • Found as a drop from Griefbound Rowena in Fief of the Chill Curse

For ranged weapon users, Runes might seem limited. Aelstrix augments throwable weapons and ranged damage when equipped on weapons, while on shields, it bolsters ammunition capacity. Utilizing both functions allows players to deal substantial damage using throwables for extended periods due to increased ammunition capacity.

After offering 3 tablets to Gerlinde and upgrading weapons to higher levels, players can equip 3 Runes, a highly beneficial strategy for later stages.

Lords of the Fallen Aelstrix

5. Olandi

  • Consecutive Smite on Enemies
  • Obtained as a drop from Scourged Sister enemies

Pieta's Sword is a widely favored weapon in the game due to its accessibility and striking appearance. Olandi's weapon function increases Smite build-up speed, while its shield function enhances resistance to Smite.

Enhanced Smite build-up significantly benefits Pieta's Sword wielders, especially when dual-wielding it for more frequent Smite occurrences. When combined with other Runes, this synergy can make a substantial impact.

Lords of the Fallen Olandi

4. Hilvit

  • Supreme Strength Rune
  • Located in a chest in Bramis Castle, also dropped by Receiver of Sacred Resonance when performing an Umbral Finisher

Hilvit stands out as the go-to Rune for Strength-focused users, offering a remarkable damage boost regardless of the equipped gear. Its weapon function scales Strength, while its shield function significantly boosts the Strength attribute.

This Rune particularly caters to players favoring a sword and shield playstyle, providing substantial shield benefits even for those not primarily using shields.

Lords of the Fallen Hilvit

3. Tianarx

  • Essential for Fire-Based Builds
  • Acquired as a drop from Infernal Enchantress enemies

Tianarx is a crucial Rune for any build centered on fire damage. Its weapon function increases fire damage, while its shield function enhances resistance against fire damage. Its percentage-based damage increase keeps it relevant throughout the game.

For players focusing on fire-based builds within the Inferno realm, Anarkos and Berlam are viable additions to amplify attributes or Inferno scaling.

Lords of the Fallen Tianarx

2. Satus

  • Optimal for Holy Damage Amplification
  • Found as a drop from Sin-Piercer enemies in various map locations

Satus enhances Holy damage on weapons and bolsters Holy defense on shields, making it ideal for players dedicated to a Holy build playthrough.

For those pursuing a radiant-based build, Devoth and Orimon further elevate attributes or Radiant scaling.

Lords of the Fallen Satus

1. Dimexus

  • Enhanced Dual-Wielding Efficiency
  • Obtained after defeating the Bringer Trio boss in Cistern

Dimexus is the top-choice Rune for players utilizing dual-wielding techniques. It boosts physical damage when dual-wielding on weapons and increases stamina regeneration on shields. Even if players solely seek a shield Rune, this option enables more aggressive play while facilitating quicker stamina recovery to evade fatal attacks.

As Lords of the Fallen necessitates multiple playthroughs for all endings, acquiring multiple sets of this Rune proves advantageous for future use.

Lords of the Fallen Dimexus

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