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What is Honkai: Star Rail?

Honkai: Star Rail is an adventure strategy game developed by miHoYo with a turn-based RPG gameplay, and it is also the latest work in the Honkai series. After several months of testing, it was released officially in early 2023. The game supports IOS, Android and PC, and account data of different platforms can be cross-saved.

Players who entered Honkai: Star Rail will travel as a special traveler with Trailblazers corresponding to different elements on the Astral Express across the galaxy, following the path traversed by the Aeon. And adventuring in one bizarre World after another.

What is Honkai: Star Rail Account?

Honkai: Star Rail Accounts are accounts that contain a lot of currency and rare Trailblazers.

The paid currency in the game is called Steller Jade, and it is used to purchase 5-Star characters and Light Cones for power-ups in the in-game store, as well as to supplement trailblazing power.

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