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Top 5 Skill Moves Can Maximize Your Performance In EA FC 24 TOTS
Top 5 Skill Moves Can Maximize Your Performance In EA FC 24 TOTS

Welcome all players! The Team of the Season event in EA FC 24 has started for a few days! To help you stand out in the Weekend League and receive amazing rewards, I'm going to give you the 5 best skill moves you should definitely try this time around. Let's dive in!

Top 5 Skill Moves Can Maximize Your Performance In EA FC 24 TOTS

1. Ball Roll

First of all, let's start with the Ball Roll. This skill move hasn't changed since the FIFA 12, and it remains incredibly effective. It's versatile, usable everywhere on the pitch, and the best part is that you can execute it with players from 2-star skill moves onwards.

The mechanics of the Ball Roll are simple: while moving your player upwards with the Left Stick, just hold your Right Stick to the right or left side. It's arguably the easiest skill move to perform, yet one of the most efficient ones.

If you haven't mastered the Ball Roll yet, I highly recommend heading into the Practice Arena. It will take you only a couple of minutes to get the hang of it, and once you do, you'll understand its effectiveness. The Ball Roll can be used to evade opponents, create space for a pass or a shot, and overall, it's excellent for generating angles and space on the pitch.

2. Elastico

Next up, we have the Elasticos, both the regular and Reverse ones. The way you perform them is actually the opposite. For example, the normal Elastico, you perform it by going with your Right Stick from the right to the left, and the Reverse Elastico is the other way around. If you're walking to the left side, you have to go from down to up for a reverse, and the other way for a normal Elastico.

EA FC 24 Elastico

The Elasticos are insane, and if you're skilled, use them with an L1 button. So, if you're inside the box of your opponent, press L1, and then your player will stand still, and then the momentum for the skill move is even better, so execution will be even quicker. These skill moves are good to create an angle to get a shot off inside the box.

3. Flair Nutmeg

Moving on, the next skill move is the Flair Nutmeg, and it is also easy to perform. All you need to do is hold L1 and R1, then flick your Right Stick to the left or to the right. You could also use it as a normal skill move to create an angle for a shot, but the Flair Nutmeg Pass is even better and just undefendable when you time it right.

4. McGeady

Lastly, let's discuss the McGeady Spin. This skill move is a bit more challenging, likely one of the hardest ones to master, but it's incredibly powerful when executed correctly. Firstly, it's crucial to understand how to perform a McGeady, which requires a player with 5-star skill moves. Once you have the proper FC 24 Player, flick your Right Stick up and to the left or right, depending on your desired direction.

Now, let's talk about the McGeady Cancel skill move. The technique is similar. Just initiate the McGeady by flicking the stick up and right in between. Then, simultaneously press L2 and R2. Next, move your Left Stick down left or right to cancel the move.

EA FC 24 McGeady

5. Stepovers

Next, let's discuss Stepovers, which is arguably the best skill move and quite straightforward to execute. To perform it, simply move your Right Stick from up to the right or up to the left, approximately 25% of the stick's range, depending on your intended direction. You can perform the Stepovers in both directions, allowing for versatility in your movements.

This skill move is highly effective, providing a significant speed boost that can be utilized by Fullbacks to create space inside the box. It's an excellent tactic to evade Defenders and create scoring opportunities. In fact, it's so effective that 9 times out of 10, you'll outpace the Defender.

Therefore, if you're looking to master a single skill move, the Stepovers are the way to go. With practice, they can lead to numerous goals and pose a considerable challenge for your opponents.

Practical Methods To Corner Kicks In EA FC 24 Across Various Scenarios
Practical Methods To Corner Kicks In EA FC 24 Across Various Scenarios

Welcome to a new tutorial for EA FC 24 players, and this time is about the corner kicks! I will provide with you 5 ways to score your corners. You can learn how to approach them in different ways and how we need to do it like a pro. I’ve got you covered with 5 ways to score from a corner kick. So let’s get right into it.

Practical Methods To Corner Kicks In EA FC 24 Across Various Scenarios

Players & Playstyles

Firstly, you need to pick a player who has the Aerial Playstyle Plus to head the ball. For example, players like Holland, Lukon, Zurlo that are all suitable for corner kicks. And if possible, if you’ve got 2 in a team, you want to take with players with Dead Ball Playstyle Plus. But the Dead Ball Playstyle can also help in the accuracy of the corner. Boosting the abilities of your corner players in EA FC 24 is crucial, and you can achieve this by investing in EA FC 24 Coins.

Direct Corner

The first situation involves using a player, ideally right-footed on the right side or left-footed on the left side. The principle remains consistent. We direct the kick all the way to the right with about 3 and a half bars of power, almost reaching maximum power, but not quite. If your opponent's Goalkeeper remains stationary, you're practically guaranteed a goal. Aiming manually isn't too challenging from a 5-yard starting position.

In another case, we utilize a right-footed player on the left or a left-footed player on the right. Similar to the previous method, our opponent does not move their Goalkeeper. Therefore, we aim the corner kick around the penalty spot, employing nearly the same power as before. This prevents the ball from reaching the back post entirely. With the advantage of an Aerial Plus, the designated player secures a win header.

Now, in the final situation. We aim to target the second post, utilizing a right-footed player on the left and a left-footed player on the right. This time, by positioning the right stick all the way down to the right, we generate an inside curve for the ball.

Next, we direct the ball slightly further, aiming between the penalty spot and the 20-yard box. It's crucial to apply considerable power once again, nearly reaching full power. Initiating the run towards the first post, and then swiftly transition towards the far post, the second post, positioning ourselves for a potential header.

EA FC 24 Corner Kicks

Short Variant

Now, let’s discuss the short variant of corner kicks. It’s essential to designate a player for short. You can do this even before the corner kick animation by repeatedly pressing R1. Alternatively, you can call the player with R1 after initiating the corner kick.

Now comes the tricky part: utilizing Player Lock. This mechanic requires precision and practice, making it a more advanced corner strategy. To engage Player Lock, simultaneously press L3 and R3, then use the right stick to select the desired player.

In this case, we aim for the player positioned at the back post. We then attempt to make a run towards the back post and press square to deliver a cross to him. Ideally, this maneuver results in a free header at the back post. While having a player proficient in the aerial duels is advantageous, this tactic can be executed with any player on the team.

Strategic Deception

In more intricate scenarios, opponents tend to adjust their Goalkeeper positioning, nullifying the effectiveness of the initial 2 methods. We will deliver the corner kick, presumably endowed with strong Dead Ball skills, although this is unverified. The setup involves a right-footed player on the left side and a left-footed player on the right side.

Noticing the Goalkeeper movement, we face a decision: target the second post or the first post. Opting for the latter, we employ a Strategic Deception. Initially, feigning a run towards the second post confuses the opponent, complicating their marking. Then, swiftly altering course, we advance towards the first post.

The corner kick is directed around the penalty spot, akin to the initial variant, subject to the player's technique. Experimentation is key to determining the optimal power level for your corner kick taker. Executing a decisive run towards the first post capitalizes on the Goalkeeper's displaced position, often resulting in a goal, particularly in the absence of a Goalkeeper guarding the net.

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