About Palworld

Launched by Japanese developer Pocket Pair on January 19 this year, Palworld is making waves in the gaming world with its engaging gameplay and adorable Pals.

What Are Palworld Pals?

These Pals are the eponymous creatures from the game Palworld. Pals willingly or unwillingly help players farm, breed, fight, or work in factories in the game. Pals may also be sold or slaughtered for food. However, this behavior is prohibited by law.

What Do Palworld Pals Do?


You can fight with Pals using weapons and other Pals. Some wild Pals are aggressive and will attack when approached. Some Pals can also use weapons of their choice.


You can catch wild Pals via Pal Spheres. This is recommended as you get more XP from it. The higher the level of Pal Spheres, the higher the chance of catching Pals.


The developers say that killing Pals is illegal worldwide. If the player character kills a Pals and is witnessed by an NPC, the player character will receive the bounty and the player character will then be hunted as a criminal.


When Pals reproduce, the children can inherit traits from their parents, or create entirely new ones. Mixing Pals from rare species creates more powerful Pals.

Wilderness Activities

Pals can be used for certain activities in Wilderness. They can break rocks, chop down trees, and are used to fly/run around the map.

How To Catch Pals In Palworld?

To capture Pals in Palworld, you need to have a special item called Pal Spheres. You can hold down Q button while aiming a Pal Sphere at wild Pals in Palworld. There is a certain possibility that you can catch Pal.

But if you throw it and fail, Sphere is destroyed and Pal breaks free, meaning you have to try again. If successful, Pal is added to your team, or sent back to Palbox at base if your team is full.

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