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Choose The Best Job In FFXIV Dawntrail By Ranking! - S/A/B Tier
Choose The Best Job In FFXIV Dawntrail By Ranking! - S/A/B Tier

As Final Fantasy 14 Dawntrail has developed, each Job has been modified based on player feedback in this fifth expansion. The addition of Viper and Pictomancer Jobs also gives players more options to face the challenges of Dawntrail.

But with 21 Jobs that can reach level 100, it can be a bit confusing. This guide will give a simple ranking of these jobs based on all the changes from Endwalker to Dawntrail, and their performance in their respective roles. 

Before entering this guide, it is important to remind you that you need to bring enough FFXIV Gil to prepare for the next job upgrade or change. With it, players can continuously improve their skill levels to achieve the goal of game upgrades.

Choose The Best Job In Final Fantasy 14 Dawntrail By Ranking! - S/A/B Tier

S Tier


In the 6.3 patch of Endwalker, Machinist has undergone some changes, which also makes it a very solid physical ranged DPS option. Because it not only has a steady source of damage, very easy to manage resources, but also defensive abilities that can be used throughout the fight, such as Dismantle and Tactician.

In Dawntrail, if you are looking for a reliable damage dealer, then you will definitely like Machinist who can hold guns, because it prefers to use Reassemble and Full Metal Field to ensure that it can hit the enemy directly.


While the changes to Paladin in Dawntrail are very small, the big changes to the shield-bearing tank in Patch 6.3 make it shine in all situations. Once a character reaches level 96, Requiescat spell is upgraded to Imperator.

This spell allows you to use it at the same range as Confiteor, and can deal with enemies from a distance.


Although it is the newest caster DPS, the artistry of Pictomancer is also very strong. While there are no resurrection spells, Pictmancer’s "Starry Muse" buff can increase the damage output of your team every two minutes.

Beyond that, Pictomancer can dodge some dangers and turn his artistic spells into colorful attacks. While you need to reach level 80 of another class to get Pictomancer’s brush and palette, it’s also very easy to use if you’re using Caster DPS for the first time.


As one of the two shield healers in Final Fantasy 14, Sage is still a bit more prominent in mobile repair, and also has more options, such as processing and healing. After adding Eukrasian Dyskrasia, Sage can deal continuous damage to multiple enemies at close range.

If you use Psyche spell, you can reduce the cooldown of all offensive skills of your team. Although Sage may be a little weak when facing dense damage, you can choose Philosophia to ensure your own damage to enemies and add buffs to your team.

A Tier


While the core rotation of Dancers is still subject to random triggers, in Dawntrail, Dancers get some new tools to ensure they can generate some reliable resources when it counts.

Additionally, the ability of Tillana has been modified to provide Dancers with 50 Esprit Gauge when used, enabling them to use it in Dance of Dawn to inflict substantial damage, and a group cooldown is also included.

Dark Knight

Dark Knight has been changed a little in Endwalker, but there are even more changes to the brooding Dark Knight: Blood Weapon and Delirium have been merged into one button, and Dark Knight’s Living Shadow no longer requires 50 Blood Gauge.

FFXIV Dark Knight

These seem to be pleasant changes, but Plunge has been removed and replaced by a small gap closer, Shodowstride, which does no damage. Dark Knight still has no additional self-sustaining ability, so it will be interesting to see if this is improved in subsequent games.


Scholar gains one of Dawntrail’s most popular level 100 abilities, Seraphism. This angelic form grants the savant very powerful Adloquium and Concitation spells when activated, but does not increase his attack power.

However, Chain Stratagems’ follow-up ability, Baneful Impaction, gives Scholar a way to deal consistent damage without changing the team’s buffs. Although Scholar needs to be accompanied by his Faerie companion, he is still a reliable healer that some skilled players rely on.


Viper is not only the newest melee DPS but also the signature class of Dawntrail. It is also considered by players to be a very selfish melee DPS, because Viper cannot provide any utility to the team like Scholar except for character actions like Feint.

But with fast-paced gameplay, Viper can burst quickly and deal serious damage in some battles. Although Viper may not be easy to use and has some requirements on your network conditions, Dawntrail’s cover jobs like Viper are also what players need to pay attention to in subsequent games.

B Tier


Astrologian is definitely the healer that has had the most changes in Dawntrail. This is mainly because the entire card system has undergone major changes - Astrologian can now draw three cards at a time instead of one. With these changes, Astrodyne has been removed, and spells such as Macrocosmos have been adjusted to be consistent with other healers.

However, its other iconic abilities, such as Collective Unconscious and Earthly Star, have been retained in Astrologian’s equipment. However, through these changes, Astrologian’s ability to bring an entire group back to life has remained unchanged.


Like Astrologian, Dragoon has also been reworked on Dawntrail. Spineshatter Dive and Dragon Sight have been removed, but follow-up abilities such as Dragonfire Dive and Stardiver have been added in Patch 7.0 to add some additional talents to the spear wielder.

FFXIV Dragoon

While Dragoon is still very flashy, it doesn’t have the cooldown reduction that Reaper and Samurai have, mainly because its Life Surge ability is very troublesome to use in certain combat situations.


Regardless of whether Jobs are changed in each expansion, Monk will get a revamp, and Dawntrail is no exception. The effects of its abilities, Twin Snakes and Demolish have changed, and Beast Chakra gauge has also been modified to account for different Fury points.

While Anatman seems outdated now, Monk’s Riddle abilities have been improved a bit. Riddle of Fire has been renamed Fire’s Reply, and a ranged attack has been added. Although Monk was considered a very difficult Job to master in previous games, I believe you can definitely use these changes to the best effect.

These changes to Jobs will more or less add more uncertainty to your exploration experience in Final Fantasy 14 Dawntrail. But it is worth mentioning that these Jobs will make your exploration experience more enjoyable!

FFXIV: Three Tips for Winning in Crystalline Conflict
FFXIV: Three Tips for Winning in Crystalline Conflict

Crystalline Conflict is a very interesting team competition mechanic introduced in Final Fantasy XIV's recent 6.1 updates, where players need to form teams of five to fight against other players' teams. Each team needs to push the crystal to the target in the enemy faction, this mode will make PvP faster and easier.

For novices with no experience in this type of game, Crystalline Conflict is a test of their reflexes and teamwork. Although the game is generally easy to play, it is still necessary to understand the following three practical skills.

1. Grab the first 30 seconds of the game.

Players will have a 30-second cooldown before Crystalline Conflict officially starts, and crystals will be locked for an additional 30 seconds after the match begins. These two cooldowns are the best time to observe the enemy's situation. We can focus on observing the professional skills, positioning, and movement of the five enemies on the opposite side to prepare for the next game. It is important to note that it is not wise to immediately jump over the enemy line to start the fight, as the locked crystal will not be able to function.

2. Make the most of your class strengths.

I believe that players have considered many factors before choosing a career, and the same is true before participating in Crystalline Conflict. Although each profession can cause a lot of damage, the same profession will not appear in the camp, which means that players need to know their profession and skills and the effects they can cause.

3. Avoid going it alone.

Teamwork is one of the appealing qualities of PvP. Players who form a team will gather to attack the enemy, and each player has their area of ​​responsibility. 1v3 or even 1v5 situations are basically impossible to win. If you are seriously injured during the battle, please do not die alone and return to your team immediately.

If you want to win more smoothly at Crystalline Conflict, MMOAH will support you, and you can buy cheap FFXIV Gil here, we will always provide you with quality service to enhance your gaming experience.

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