Blizzard is finally releasing Diablo 4 in 2023, which is exciting news for all the fans of the Diablo franchise. In Diablo 4, the Druid that players once loved is back. This reassures them because it means the game's content won't deviate too much from what they imagined. The core of Diablo 4 remains the rich item system, where players can wear a variety of different items to make their characters stronger, and take advantage of its enhancements of character and skill to form a variety of unique builds. Mounts are also introduced in this game, and different dismount abilities are designed for all classes, which will be an unprecedented experience.

How can I get what I want faster in Diablo 4?

According to information provided by Blizzard on the official website, Diablo 4 features a smart loot system. This sounds great, as the random loot drops are fair to the player and can increase the player's sense of achievement.

However, this isn't great news for players who can't put much time and effort into the game. According to the history of the Diablo series, powerful rare loot only has a very low probability of dropping after killing a specific boss, which means that they may achieve their goals later than expected.

Fortunately, you can shorten this process by purchasing MMOAH's third-party service, which is to pay for Diablo 4 Items. In fact, Blizzard and most players are very opposed to high-end loot trading, which is why the auction house appears and then disappears in Diablo 3. However, MMOAH's professional team is still at your disposal to provide you with the Diablo 4 Items you want most, so you can save time and experience some of the content you prefer.

Why are the Diablo 4 Items sold by MMOAH always popular with players?

Customizing their own character is the biggest wish of every Diablo 4, and they want to become powerful in the game in their own way. However, this requires the player to be lucky enough to get the specific item they want, which is difficult for most players considering the item drops in the game are completely random.

Fortunately, third-party services provided by MMOAH can solve this problem. When you need specific Diablo 4 Items, you can always visit MMOAH and find those products directly through the search function. Click the Buy Now button to enter the checkout page, and then choose your preferred method to pay. The whole process is quick, easy and 100% safe. Our ultimate goal is to allow users to play the game in more comfortable conditions and avoid the boring and grinding parts of the game.


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Improve These 5 Things In Diablo 4 Season 5, And Players Will Be More Excited
Improve These 5 Things In Diablo 4 Season 5, And Players Will Be More Excited

Diablo 4 Season 5 is currently announced to be released on August 6, 2024, when Loot Reborn, which is praised by players as the best season so far, will end. It is said that Season 5 adds a lot of changes, which are not only crucial to the development of the game but also make the game more interesting than ever.

Improve These 5 Things In Diablo 4 Season 5, And Players Will Be More Excited

But as players, we want much less than this. If the following aspects are added to the game, it may greatly change the status quo. Season 5 can become a wonderful work for Diablo 4. So players, including me, have great expectations for it.

1) Change The Way Helltides Grant Greater Affix Gear

The first point that can be improved in Diablo 4 Season 5 is to change the way Helltides grant greater Affix gear. Although I also like the previous Helltides because it can grind content and get better equipment.

However, the point that makes players feel very uncomfortable is that it is really hard to fight the Blood Maiden alone in Helltides. I hope that in Season 5, it can be improved to allow players to team up with other players to fight Blood Maiden. In this way, during the entire Helltide event, both sides can stack a lot of equipment and crafting materials, and even drop more Diablo 4 Gold.

2) Add Hell Portals

Helltides will also be updated in Diablo 4 Season 5, but what players want to see is some variety. With a Hell Portal, players will have little mini-dungeons or cellar-type areas to explore, and even add extra quests or challenges there to achieve greater rewards.

There are many ways to improve Helltides, and this is just one. In Diablo 4 Season 4, players were simply sent to areas full of demons and given quest objectives. Many players found it fun to fight those enemies all the time, but still wanted to see some improvements made.

3) Change The Method Of Crafting Sigils

Crafting Sigils has been a recurring point for players. Players want to choose which Nightmare Dungeon they are crafting sigils for, or be able to hide some dungeons.

It’s a slight change, but it will make it clear to players what they are crafting and for which Nightmare Dungeon. This will greatly improve the player’s freedom and logic and provide a better gaming experience.

4) Group Finder/Matchmaker

This is a feature that many players have been wanting for a long time. As fewer and fewer people play Diablo 4 around, fewer and fewer people can form a group.

If a finder/matchmaking system can be created, it will be very easy to find partners in Pit of Artificers, Nightmare Dungeons and other tasks that require group work. This will also make it faster to find Uber Bosses.

5) Solo Self-Found Mode

Some players are the typical “solo players” who don’t want to form a group and don’t want to rely on trading or other members’ drops. Then, Solo Self-Found will be a good fit for you.

In this mode, most players will complete the game without help and there are no shared resources/materials. You can still interact with people in other parts of the game world and you can also defeat bosses with them to gain honors, but the difference is that you will not have equipment.

This is just some ideas of some players, and I don’t know how the developers will make it work. But the only thing that is certain is that once this mode is created, it will become extremely challenging and fun.

About Diablo 4 DLC: Vessel of Hatred

In addition to the upcoming Diablo 4 Season 5, Diablo 4 has also announced that the release date of a new DLC is set for October 8, 2024, which is called Vessel of Hatred.

This DLC will introduce a new area and a brand new class - Spiritborn. According to Game Director Brent Gibson, Spiritborn is a top predator born for the jungle, and the full reveal of this class will take place on July 18.

Diablo 4 DLC will add a brand new playable area called Nahantu, also known as Toraja, Torajan, or Torajan Jungles. This is a wild jungle in Sanctuary in Diablo lore, located in the south of Kehjistan. Therefore, Vessel of Hatred expansion is likely to extend the existing Diablo 4 map to the currently inaccessible southwest area.

Although we don’t have full details yet, we know that Vessel of Hatred will introduce some gameplay changes. You can recruit Mercenaries to fight alongside you, they have unique abilities to help you fight, and they become more powerful the longer you are together.

In addition, Diablo has launched an end-game dungeon for the first time, which has PVE cooperative gameplay. You need to team up with other players to complete the level together. Other updates will also be introduced throughout the game, including new skills for existing classes, additional Paragon Boards, Legendary Glyphs to discover, and fresh Dungeon types.

Overall, while we wait for Season 5, Diablo 4 Season 4 will continue to play, and there is a lot to look forward to. Let us look forward to the developers making better content for Diablo 4 and wish you a merry game!

These Issues In The Pit Of Artificers Need To Be Addressed During Diablo 4 Season 4
These Issues In The Pit Of Artificers Need To Be Addressed During Diablo 4 Season 4

As Diablo 4 Season 4 has arrived for about a week, people have experienced most of what's going on. One new endgame mechanic that was added in this new season is the Pit of Artificers. It starts from Level 100 enemies, and this scales up to being harder than anything else in the game currently.

My opinion is that the Pit is a good addition to Season 4, but there are also some issues. If these problems can be solved, this endgame activity will become more interesting.

These Issues In The Pit Of Artificers Need To Be Addressed During Diablo 4 Season 4

The main negative things that I have for the Pit of Artificers are:

Defensive Stats

If we build up a million defensive stats, which is basically what you have to do to handle this type of activity. As you slowly exhaust all your resources and consume all your potions one by one, because you know that whatever you do is only a matter of time.

This has sort of always been the issue with any overly difficult, challenging endgame mechanic they've put in Diablo 4. With the defensive stats now being much more predictable for the developers because of the recent item changes, I can only hope that they will get this worked out sooner rather than later.

Boss Scaling

The second major negative I have is the imbalance of the scaling as far as where the difficulty lies. The bosses heavily out scale the challenge of the full progress bar worth of monsters that you have to beat to get to the bosses.

This makes the first portion of the Pit activity feel somewhat pointless in comparison, especially in the highest tiers. If the boss has all the challenges of the activity, then the only part that you even have to think about is the boss. It just invalidates half of the activity entirely.

Hopefully, with time and patches, they will be able to shift this a bit so that the difficulty is more evenly distributed between both sections and they both matter at least a bit more equally. Of course, these are things that can be changed with player feedback.

After all, the best parts of it shine through regardless: the endless monster density, never stopping from one fight to the next, varied enemy types, locations, bosses, and just the snappiness of it when you are farming more comfortable tiers. Each run takes about 2 minutes to get in and out of, or even less if you're moving fast enough, which feels more satisfying now in the lower level.

Masterworking Reset

As for the Masterworking resets, the gold investment is extremely expensive, and Masterworking gets super expensive in further ranks as well. My thoughts on how to fix this are somewhat twofold: Have the Masterworking reset cost scale with how many upgrades have been done to the item, and more importantly to the health of the game as a whole, just have the Pit reward at the end.

Stopping Pit runs on repeat to farm activities you're overpowered in just for gold is not fun. Just make the Pit reward a proper amount of Diablo 4 Gold and have it scale so higher tiers are the best source of gold per time in the game, matching the scaling cost of Masterworking as the most expensive gold drain in the Diablo 4 Season 4.

Diablo 4 Season 4 Masterworking

Pit Rewards

Which brings us to another point of contention: there aren't any meaningful rewards for raising your Pit level to around 80 in the vast majority of builds or classes, other than bragging rights or the achievement of completing Level 100.

You can get more of the Masterworking materials for doing higher tiers, but you quickly hit a point in any build where the time it takes to complete the next tier up is no longer worth the extra materials you gain from doing so. If you're looking for a reward, it's not worth it anymore.

To fix this and actually incentivize pushing, the main ideas I have are:

Increase the scaling on the amount of Pit materials you gain per tier push past around 90. Make it worth it for the gear that drops too. We do get a handful of items at the end of each Pit run, but they're pretty average at best. It would be nice if the rewards also increased with the level of the Pit.

For the ultimate endgame mechanic, give more chances for higher-tier affixes on the gear that drops. They can decide the exact numbers needed for that system, but this is probably a perfect reward for pushing. It can motivate more Masterworking because if you get a good drop you have to reset an item and push it further, making yourself stronger. This makes it a proper cycle.

There are the things that just aren't dropping at the proper rates this season. The first being the Stygian Stones, a material needed to summon the Torment version of bosses. These have an abysmally low drop rate now. They're supposed to drop from the Pit and rarely do, so just bump it up.

Final Thought

I've found that most players enjoy playing the Pit of Artificers in Diablo 4 Season 4. The foundation it builds on is very strong, and I think if they fix it, it will be the basis for an extremely enjoyable endgame activity for months and years to come.

To achieve this, some important changes are needed. Hopefully, these will be upgraded and improve your gaming experience!

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