Was ist Fallout 76?

Fallout 76 ist ein Online-Action-Rollenspiel der Fallout-Reihe, das von Bethesda Game Studios für Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 und Xbox One-Spieler entwickelt und veröffentlicht wurde.

In Fallout 76 steht es Spielern zur Verfügung, die alleine spielen oder sich während der gesamten Entdeckungsreise durch das postnukleare Amerika zusammenschließen. Das Einzige, was zu tun ist, als überlebender Mensch unter der Bedrohung einer unklaren Vernichtung zu leben und die größte und dynamischste Welt aller Zeiten zu erleben Erstellt im legendären Fallout-Universum, egal ob zusammengearbeitet oder nicht.

Über Fallout 76 Bottle Caps

Fallout 76 Bottle Caps als eine wertvolle und Standardform der Währung spielen eine wichtige Rolle beim Überleben in West Virginia durch den Kauf von Munition und guter legendärer Rüstung.

Nun, es gibt noch einige Möglichkeiten, Fallout 76-Flaschenverschlüsse zu sammeln:

Töten anderer Spieler im PvP-Kampf, bei Rache oder bei Kopfgeldern

Durch das Abschließen von Quests und dies ist die Hauptquelle für das Erhalten von Flaschenverschlüssen für die große Mehrheit der Spieler.

Durch die Suche nach Waren wie Waffen, Rüstungen, Schnickschnack und dem Verkauf an Händler zu einem vernünftigen Preis.

Indem Sie den Stahl, das Öl und anderes Baumaterial Ihrer Feinde plündern oder einfach nur Häuser stehlen, ahnungslose Banditen angreifen und die Mordmission beenden. All dies sind die legitimen und effizienten Möglichkeiten, Flaschenverschlüsse zu verdienen.

Indem Sie Ihre verschiedenen Waren und Dienstleistungen an andere Spieler im Spiel verkaufen.

Es ist jedoch klar, dass das Sammeln für erfahrene Spieler selbst zeitaufwändig ist.

Wie kaufe ich Fallout 76 Bottle Caps auf MMOAH?

Wir versprechen jetzt, dass der Preis, den wir anbieten, mit dem besten Service am billigsten sein muss. MMOAH ist eine Plattform, die seit mehreren Jahren Spielwährung an Kunden weltweit mit gutem Ruf gehandelt hat. Überprüft auf Trustpilot, Ownedcore und Epicnpc Reviews. Das kostet nur ein bisschen Geld, denn so viele Fallout 76 Bottle Caps, wie Sie möchten, fliegen automatisch zu Ihrem Rucksack, ohne Zeit zu verlieren.

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Main 6 Updates Details In Fallout 76 Skyline Valley - Say What?
Main 6 Updates Details In Fallout 76 Skyline Valley - Say What?

Fallout 76’s sixth year is coming to an end, and while the hit game has seen dozens of fresh additions to date, Skyline Valley, which officially released on June 12, is even more exciting!

From unprecedented map expansions to finally being able to play as a Ghoul in 2025, each update is pretty impressive. Follow this guide to learn more about these six updates for all players!

Main 6 Updates Details In Fallout 76 Skyline Valley - Say What?

A Bigger Appalachia

Fallout 76 has expanded its map in previous updates, adding new locations, such as Pitt Expedition in 2022 and Atlantic City last year. But this time, Skyline Valley seamlessly connects the core area to the south and extends south to Shenandoah region.

Creative Director Jon Rush has publicly stated that Fallout 76 development team wanted to make previously unused space on the map truly relevant to the story and have a certain impact. Previous Expeditions have been very isolated experiences, lacking any genuine opportunity for exploration outside of the map or specific quest lines. Skyline Valley gives wastlanders their first chance to continue their Fallout 76 experience in a new location on the over-world map.

Players typically participate in Expeditions with specific Fallout 76 items in mind or for a very specific reason, and Skyline Valley provides players with a world to venture out and explore at will, and even create alternative stories just for them.

20 New Points Of Interest

Skyline Valley is more than just a side quest in Fallout 76. As the map expands, players can explore 20 new points of interest. Some of these points of interest are based on real-life locations in Shenandoah, such as Mary’s Rock Tunnel, Rapidan Camp, and Skyline Drive.

There are also new factions, quests, and activities in this expansion, including a new activity called Dangerous Pastimes, which requires you to play as a storm chaser and try to activate a giant lightning rod in order to start a light show.

A New Vault

Vault 63 is no stranger to Fallout 76 veterans, a mysterious bunker that has been closed since its release. For the first time in Skyline Valley, this mysterious mechanical door is open for players to explore.

A lot of the actual nature of Vault 63 remains a mystery, which is what the development team wants players to explore for themselves. But what we know so far is that Skyline Valley is exposed to the surface by an event that blows Vault 63 out of the way and blows its previously closed door to the other side of Appalachia. As for what is inside, we know very little.

Many players only know that Vault 63 was unfinished before the bomb, and all the residents are living in radiation and have become ghouls. Their leader, Hugo Stolz, appeared in Skyline Valley, and you need to talk to him and choose to help him or choose another plan.

The Lost

The Lost are the former residents of Vault 63, who now live out their lives as electrified and almost feral ghouls. They just live in their own twisted reality, with no way to communicate with the outside world, but still protect themselves from all outsiders.

As for why they are electrified, and why Hugo’s mind is not homogenized like everyone else, this is yet to be explored by the player. But you must know that once Vault 63 is exposed, The Lost regularly wanders around Skyline Valley, and they are the principal enemies you need to fight. There’s no rhyme or reason to their movements, only a focused urge to hunt you down and swing their melee weapons at you.

Unfortunately, The Lost aren’t the only new enemy type in Skyline Valley.

Storm Goliaths

So far, we’ve only seen a few brief shots of Storm Goliaths in trailers. But for what it’s worth, Storm Goliaths are a trio of giant, rampaging robots that seem to use the weather to shove their weapons into your face.

Storm Goliaths are three oversized robotic brains created by the great minds in Vault 63, and they’re going to bring a lot of bad things to Appalachia. But you’re not just dealing with technological monsters, you’re dealing with Thrashers.

Skyline Valley continues the tradition of irradiated mutations, bringing a very strange mutant turkey hybrid to the Shenandoah region. This thing is about the size of a cow and is currently wandering the hills of Shenandoah.

But in the future 2025 update, you won’t just fight radiated nightmares, you’ll even become one.

Play As A Ghoul

For the first time, Fallout 76 gives players above level 50 the ability to wear a leathery, noseless skin called a ghoul, which not only changes your appearance but also makes you radiation-proof. If you wear this suit, you no longer have to fear the effects of radiation on you, and it can even heal you. There are also dozens of ghoul-specific perk cards that can expand those benefits.

This not only has this one benefit, but it also changes the game experience for experienced players. In the conventional thinking, players often wear power armour to avoid radiation, but when you wear this suit, power armour is no longer needed.

This encourages players to create a play style that does not require power armour and frees up a lot of extra points that can be used in different ways. Playing as a ghoul broken the meta-game of Fallout 76 before, and change the way players optimize their characters, and encourage players to experiment like never before.

After reading this guide, did you learn more about the update to Skyline Valley? Looking forward to exploring the possibilities in Skyline Valley and having fun!

Who Are The Strongest Protagonists In Fallout 76 And The Series?
Who Are The Strongest Protagonists In Fallout 76 And The Series?

Fallout is a series of games that have been around since the 1990s, and it has been constantly updated and improved over the course of history. The topic of Fallout has always been about survival in the American wasteland 200 years after the nuclear bomb fell, but with only the culture of the 1950s.

Many Americans in the game have futurism and fantasies about the future world. But in reality, they can only survive by relying on the Vaults built by the company Vault-Tec. Although these Americans have lived in Vaults for nearly 200 years, the continent has become a hell. Because of the influence of radiation, people and animals have also mutated.

Who Are The Strongest Protagonists In Fallout 76 And The Series?

When the radiation level stabilizes, these Americans will begin to resume their lives. At this time, some Vaults Dwellers will stand out, use their own Fallout 76 Items, and become the protagonists of each Fallout. This guide lists ten representative protagonists. Come and take a look!


  • First appearance in Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel

Brotherhood of Steel is one of the many militias in the wasteland. It was founded by former US Army officer Captain Roger Maxon to protect people who survived the fallout and preserve technology. In Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel, I will introduce its new member Cyrus.

Cyrus grew up in a farming community, which made him tough and strong when fighting against irradiated animals or attackers. He is tall and muscular, and can use a variety of weapons, but his favorite is close combat.


  • First appearance in Fallout TV series

Unlike Cyrus, Lucy appeared in a TV series. In Amazon’s Fallout, Lucy MacLean was originally just a citizen of Vault 33, and her knowledge of the outside world only existed in stories and books. After her vault was invaded and her father was kidnapped by Raiders, she began to go out into the world.

Throughout her journey, she continued to face harsh realities, horrors that she could not imagine in Vault. Eventually she was forced to take up arms, ignoring the inhabitants of the wasteland who tried to dissuade her. In the end she won, not only the war but also a name for herself. She then fought alongside Brotherhood of Steel against her corrupt father, and traveled with a mercenary named Ghoul.


  • First appearance in Fallout: Tactics

In Brotherhood of Steel, Warriors are considered one of the most valuable recruits. Their principal task is to protect the settlements around Chicago area from being terrorized and invaded by Raiders and Supermutants.

In Fallout: Tactics, Warriors gradually rise in Brotherhood of Steel’s status, and they impress Simon Barnaky and eventually become the new generals. They mainly eliminate most of the factions and organizations that cause chaos in Fallout: Tactics, including but not limited to Beastlords, Supermutants, and Robots.


  • First appearance in Fallout TV series

Like Lucy, Maximus is another protagonist in Amazon’s Fallout. Maximus also began his training journey with Brotherhood of Steel. There, new recruits must prove themselves worthy of becoming a Squire for a Knight. When Maximus was discovered by Brotherhood of Steel, his hometown of Shady Sands had just been bombed, so he dedicated his life to this cause.

He is a little different from Lucy. Maximus has always lived above ground, so he is used to seeing the horrors of the wasteland. This also makes him better prepared to face the challenges of monsters and attackers. As a member of Brotherhood of Steel, he is also used to using various weapons and skills.

Lone Wanderer

  • First appearance in Fallout 3

Lone Wanderer in Fallout 3 is the first character we meet at the beginning of the game, and the first character to grow up with us. At the age of 19, they began to look for their father, a doctor. The most unfortunate thing is that they had to leave Vault 101 because they were exiled.

Along the way, they not only saved the town of Megaton from a nuclear bomb, but also saved their original Vault from the civil war. Their legendary story has been circulated in the wasteland and became a survival guide written by Moira Brown. These guides also continued in Fallout 4 many years later.


  • First appearance in Fallout 76

They were originally members of Vault 76 and were one of the first teams to leave the Vault on Reclamation Day. On Reclamation Day, the radiation level was actually stable, and they could reproduce on the surface again. But because they were the first people to explore the wasteland 25 years after the war, they had no knowledge and were not prepared to deal with the end of the world.

Although they knew little about New World, the power of 76er was undeniable. As a group, they managed to build settlements and destroy a terrible plague caused by a species called Scorchbeast Queen.

Courier Six

  • First appearance in Fallout: New Vegas

Courier is another resident of the waste, a messenger who travels between New California and various places. But the good times didn’t last long. When he delivered a package one day, no one would have thought that it contained a powerful storage device called Platinum Chip that could control a supercomputer. Because of this, Courier Six was captured by New Vegas crime boss Benny and wanted to shoot him in the head.

Unexpectedly, Courier could miraculously survive and become a little stronger. He continued to travel through the Mojave to find Benny and Platinum Chip. Their strong qualities gave them the ability to move on and escape death.

Vault Dweller

  • First appearance in Fallout

In Fallout, Vault Dweller is considered an unlucky person. Because of the broken lottery, he was kicked out of Vault 13 by Overseer to find a water purification ship. He only knows the location of Vault 15 and the possibility of finding a new chip, so he embarks on a journey to California’s wasteland.

Despite the difficulties, Vault Dweller manages to adapt himself to the wasteland. He overcomes many obstacles, destroys the raider group and kills Super Mutants, and finally finds the water chip. He happily returns to Vault 13, but he is greeted by the news of his exile.

After struggling for a while, he accepts his fate and some other residents from Vault 13 follow him. They travel to the mountains of Oregon and create a new settlement in Arroyo.

Sole Survivor (Nate)

  • First appearance in Fallout 4

Nate, the sole survivor in Fallout 4, begins his journey in 2077 before the nuclear bombs fall. Nate is a retired US Army veteran, so he is good at fighting. He enters the new Vault 111 with his wife and newborn son Shaun, and when the bomb falls on the United States, the three are immediately pushed into Vault 111 and put into cryogenic sleep.

They sleep for a long time in total until Nate is awakened early. Nate watches his wife being murdered and his son Shaun being kidnapped and then put back into the sleep pod. In 2287, Nate, the only survivor of Vault 111, sets out to find his son with a promise to his late wife.

Chosen One

  • First appearance in Fallout 2

Fallout 2 continues the Fallout style, and The Chosen One has been trained from birth to be the savior of the wasteland. He is the grandson of the Vault Dweller just mentioned. The Vault Dweller settled in Arroyo with his relatives. This tribe has many villagers and can farm and defend themselves.

As the best of these people, Chosen One is sent to the wasteland to find Garden of Eden Creation. This kit can restore crops and continue to thrive despite radiation. During his journey, he also continued to kill more attackers, expanded the sphere of influence of New California Republic, and overthrew most of the power of the shadow government in front of him.

There are a thousand Hamlets in the hearts of a thousand people. Who is the best protagonist in your mind? I hope you will like this guide and wish you the best experience in your exploration.

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