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Options You Can Do for Better Gears in WOTLK Classic
Options You Can Do for Better Gears in WOTLK Classic

I've been playing a lot of WOTLK Classic recently and I found a number of little nitty-gritty and underrated tips, but I'm very surprised about many players still don't know about yet. Thus today we're going to talking about little tricks to make a little bit of extra gold and better gears while your leveling.

Now my first tip on this list is never downgrade your emblems. If you have spare emblems are valid available or whatever latest raid emblem is, what you want to do is buy the BOE gear. At the moment we have epic gear available for emblem Zavala, which on my server are selling in the ballpark of 3,000 gold and that's quite a lot of gold for something you just have lying around on your character that you're not using, so don't be out downgrading your emblems to the Valor, Heroism or something like that.

Talking about Emblems of Heroism, what you can do is flip them to make a little bit of extra WOTLK Classic gold by buying the throwing weapon, called Lily hoof's winged blades, and disenchant it for an Abyss Crystal, which are my server at a moment 150 gold alternatively. If you don't have an enchanter, you can just buy Frozen orbs which are about 60 Gold on my server right now.

Gears for ALT:
Another currency that is massively underrated is stonekeeper shards, which obviously dropped from heroics, you can use these to buy the Wintergrass token then trade PVP pieces, But a better thing to do with these is to actually send them to an ALT. Because if you look at the item it is actually bind on account, this means you can buy some seriously good leveling gear for your ALTs with honor points, you can go to the Silverwing or Warsong vendors on the map and they will drop some really good pieces all the way from level 20 up to level 60.

Options You Can Do for Better Gears in WOTLK Classic1

For instance of a Lorekeeper's ring, which is a really good Caster spell power ring. Then later on you can get stuff like Sentinel's plat legguards which are very good equal to raid quality stats. Other good pieces like the Highlander's Lizardhide Boots for actually increase your movement speed.

But you're best off just buying the Grand Marshal gear at level 60, this will complement your heirlooms very nicely. Thus you can just steamroll through Outland leveling, and bear in mind you don't even have to touch battlegrounds to get all of this insane gear, just remember also the Alterac Valley vendor has better spell power off-hands, which are just slightly better than the Grand Marshall option.

If you want to know more tips about the WOTLK Classic, please follow the MMOAH to get more.

Guides on Quick and Easy Gold Farming in Wrath of the Lich King Classic
Guides on Quick and Easy Gold Farming in Wrath of the Lich King Classic

In Wrath of the Lich King Classic, gold farming is still one of the biggest part of gaming content. So is there any tips for quick money for players? Actually it really has a lot secrets on farming gold, today I would like to discuss three tips that you can use in WOTLK Classic.

Guides on Quick and Easy Gold Farming in Wrath of the Lich King Classic1

First we are talking about one of the best selling, Feast of winter Veil pets, these are bind on equip pets that you get from the gaily wrapped present. But there's no chance on getting it now, so anyone who stocked it from Feast, and did not unveil is going to be making tons of gold. There are Green Helper Box, the Snowman Kit, the Jingling Bell and Red Helper Box from it, and the prices go from 100 to 200 gold for the green helper, 140 to 200 gold for the jingling Bell, the red helper box 40 to 50 gold and the most expensive one Snowman Kit of could up to 366 gold. So next year when Winter's Veil comes around, stock up on these, get as many gaily wrapped presents as you can, hold on to them until like summer or fall and start selling them, you can make a ton of gold and it's really easy. Every you only need to know is saving them for half a year, you're going make some really great gold especially if you have a bunch of them.

Guides on Quick and Easy Gold Farming in Wrath of the Lich King Classic2

Additionally, there is an another tip and this is going to be the most lucrative item you can find throughout this entire guide. In Booty Bay, yuo can find Oglethorpe Obnoticus and there are three quests. It involves saving a robotic chicken, you have to rescue the robotic chicken in Feral Scar Vale, Tanaris and Hinterlands. Quest is easy but the problem is the drop rate insanely low, however when you get all three quests completed, you will have your own Mechanical Chicken, and this is not bind on pickup, that means it can be put on the auction house, and the market value is absolutely blow your mind, over 600 gold. The reason this is so valuable is because this pet you can only get one per character, and the drop rates are terrible, absolutely awful, but you can get hundreds gold. If you haven't done it yet, do those quests and get this little chicken pet, it's gonna make you some good gold.

Guides on Quick and Easy Gold Farming in Wrath of the Lich King Classic3

Finally is about the Tranquil Mechanical Yeti, now this particular recipe does not exist, you can't go and buy the recipe and you can't find the recipe. It can only be taught to you by the quest giver in Winter Spring, after you help her create her own Mechanical Yeti, you gotta collect some fur and some horns. If you're an engineer she will teach you the recipe for this Tranquil mechanical Yeti. What's really good part on this Tranquil Mechanical Yeti is that it worth over 100 gold, this is much higher than the sum of its reagents parts.

by the way I want to mention is that there are also some other engineering recipes that are selling quite well, like the Lifelike Mechanical Toad, which sells for 24 to 30 gold and the Mechanical Squirrel Box which sells for 14 gold, but definitely I would highly recommend the Tranquil Mechanical Yeti, because it's not too hard to make, just go do the quest and then get the recipe if you're an engineer.

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