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Get Ready For WOW Season Of Discovery Phase 3 With These Key Strategies

Get Ready For WOW Season Of Discovery Phase 3 With These Key Strategies

Here are some invaluable tips for players to adequately prepare for the forthcoming Phase 3 in WoW Season of Discovery. Adhering to these essential guidelines will undoubtedly facilitate a smoother gameplay in the upcoming phase.

Get Ready For WOW Season Of Discovery Phase 3 With These Key Strategies

Dungeons & Exploration

Dungeon grinding has gained popularity, particularly with Scarlet Monastery, offering efficient leveling opportunities. Dungeons such as Zul’Farrak, Maraudon, Sunken Temple are all viable options. While the potential for Maraudon or Sunken Temple to become level-up raids exists, it remains unconfirmed. Questing also plays a significant role, with locations like Booty Bay in Stranglethorn Vale offering suitable quests.

For both Horde and Alliance, Blasted Lands and Swamp of Sorrows provide additional questing opportunities. The Hinterlands stand out as a substantial questing area, with Kalimdor offering zones like Tanaris, Feralas, and Un'Goro Crater, ideal for leveling up towards Level 50. Familiarizing yourself with quests in these core zones is crucial for effective Phase 3 progression.

PvP Reputations

Another important tip to consider is focusing on PvP reputations. It's essential to grind your PvP gear and strive for an exalted reputation with Warsong Gulch and Arathi Basin factions. Achieving exalted status will unlock Level 50 bracers, which are superior to their Level 40 counterparts.

You'll have access to epic bracers and other valuable items from the Arathi Basin reputation vendors, although some items may require revered status. Notably, revered gear includes boots that increase movement speed and grant attack power, as well as a girdle suitable for Level 48 characters. While attaining exalted status may take time, many players are currently farming the STV event for logs and grinding the Arathi Basin reputation to expedite the process.

Consumables & World Buffs

The next essential tip is to ensure you have an ample supply of consumables and world buffs. While Spark of Inspiration is significant, don't overlook the benefits of Darkmoon Faire, which provides a substantial 10% damage buff. Although there's a risk of losing these buffs if you die, they can significantly enhance your gameplay experience.

Notably, the Darkmoon Faire buff remains active even at Level 39, offering a slight advantage in movement speed. Therefore, strategically planning to acquire these buffs before reaching Level 40 can provide a small yet beneficial edge.

WoW Classic SOD Darkmoon Faire

Consider maximizing the efficiency of your consumables to save time and increase damage output. For instance, Firepower and Lesser Arcane can provide a notable boost without costing much of your SOD Gold. This strategy is particularly valuable for players aiming for world-first racing.

Flight Paths

Next, let's discuss the importance of obtaining essential flight paths. For Horde players, securing Stonard for Swamp of Sorrows is crucial, while Alliance players should aim for Nethergarde Keep in Blasted Lands. You may already have flight paths for Stranglethorn Vale and Booty Bay, but if not, it's advisable to acquire them. Prioritize obtaining flight paths for key locations like the Hinterlands.

Alliance players can access Aerie Peak, while Horde players can reach Revantusk Village. An efficient way for Horde players to reach Revantusk Village is by flying to Arathi Highlands, taking a boat to the coast, and swimming to Hinterlands. This method can be faster than the conventional route through Aerie Peak, especially considering the high-level mobs in the area.

Don't forget to obtain the flight path for Gadgetzan in Tanaris if you haven't already, as it can be highly beneficial. Similarly, ensure you acquire flight paths for Un'Goro Crater and Silithus while you're in the vicinity. Although Silithus is an endgame zone, acquiring the flight path early on will be advantageous for future use. Consider visiting Felwood, another endgame zone, if you're heading towards Winterspring. Whether you are Horde or Alliance, Felwood's flight path is located in the northernmost part of the zone.

Profession Planning

Another crucial tip is to have a clear profession plan for the upcoming Phase 3. With professions reaching a maximum level of 300, there will be an abundance of SOD content available. While it's uncertain if unique recipes aimed at Level 50 will be introduced, it's a possibility worth considering. It's essential to familiarize yourself with these specializations and develop a plan accordingly.

WoW Classic SOD Mooncloth

Blacksmithing and Engineering stand out as particularly significant professions, while tailoring lacks specialization. I recommend prioritize obtaining the Mooncloth recipe and the Runecloth Bag recipe from Everlook in Winterspring. These recipes were disabled in Phase 1, and their availability in Phase 2 is uncertain.

Crafting Mooncloth will be crucial due to its 4-day cooldown, requiring 250 Tailoring skill. While obtaining Felcloth may be challenging before reaching Level 50, it will become a valuable resource for crafting in Phase 3, particularly in Felwood.

Class Quests

Finally, upon reaching Level 50, players can embark on class quests, which provide unique and potent items for most classes. These quests are predominantly located in Sunken Temple, although their exact format may vary if Sunken Temple becomes the designated level-up raid.

Players unfamiliar with these class quests are encouraged to research them, as they offer powerful rewards. All class quests typically involve completing tasks across the world before culminating in Sunken Temple. Therefore, it's crucial to understand and prepare for these quests to maximize their benefits.

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