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An In-Depth Explanation Of Obtaining And Storing Ammo In Skull And Bones

An In-Depth Explanation Of Obtaining And Storing Ammo In Skull And Bones

In Skull and Bones, there are many players seeking to trade for ammo, suggesting a widespread shortage likely because of extensive ship building activities. So in this guide, I'll share some tips to help you acquire ammo more effectively. Without wasting time, let's dive in!

An In-Depth Explanation Of Obtaining And Storing Ammo In Skull And Bones

The variety of ship builds, ranging from support to offense, all contribute to the increasing demand for ammo, which requires a considerable investment of silver. Hence, silver plays a crucial role in acquiring ammo. To conserve silver, it’s advisable to accumulate a substantial amount of Pieces of Eight.

Farm Silver For The Supply Network

When it comes to acquiring ammo, it's essential to develop a habit of farming silver for the Supply Network, as it incurs silver costs that can accumulate over time. Once you've amassed a sufficient amount of silver, make it a routine to purchase ammo whenever you dock at a port.

Whether you're in Lenitra, Africa, or any other location, visit the local merchant or Rogue and buy all available ammo crates. Even if you don't currently use certain types of ammo like Torpedoes, it's wise to stock up on them as future updates may introduce new and powerful variations.

Obtain Ammo Crates & Repair Kits

There are typically around 5 types of ammo crates available at each port, covering various ammo types. Consider acquiring enhanced reinforcement and Repair Kits along with your ammo purchases. Focus on obtaining intense Repair Kits and Enhanced Repair Kits, as the latter can be used to craft the former at no additional cost. Prioritize purchasing all available ammo and Repair Kits each time you dock, maximizing your resources.

Skull And Bones Repair Kits

Take advantage of its hourly restocks to make deals with the hawker. Ensure to purchase all available items, regardless of immediate need, as future updates may introduce powerful weapons or equipment. By consistently restocking on ammo and essential supplies during each docking, you'll effectively maintain a well-stocked inventory and stay prepared for any encounters or challenges that lie ahead.

Trade With The Blacksmith

We need to head over to the Blacksmith. If we look at craft new items and we go all the way to the end, we have ammo kit and ammo crate short of. They may have some blueprints such as Cannonball Crate. Then we're going to keep track of the blueprints and pick them all up, no matter where they are. The Blacksmith has some available. Specifically, they offer the Ballista Bolt Crate, which might be the only option available.

Plunder Shipwrecks

However, another Blacksmith may also have some in stock. This highlights the importance of plundering shipwrecks to acquire additional resources. Shipwrecks are abundant and can be found virtually anywhere. Zooming in on the map, you'll see a distinct symbol representing shipwrecks.

Skull And Bones Shipwrecks

Shipwrecks are abundant, scattered across the seas, so whenever you stumble upon one during your voyages, seize the opportunity to explore its treasures. Once you've gathered items from the shipwreck, make your way to the Blacksmith. Utilize the salvaged materials to craft essential items such as ammo, maximizing the utility of every discovery.

Final Thought

Ensure that you explore shipwrecks regularly, as many people wrongly believe that the loot obtained from them is useless. This is untrue. Upon gathering items from shipwrecks, visit the Blacksmith and utilize the acquired materials to craft your own ammo. You don't need to rely on trading with others to replenish your ammo.

Remember to dock at ports and purchase all available ammo crates from the local merchant. Incorporate shipwreck exploration into your sailing routine, alongside other activities such as collecting Pieces of Eight. Shipwrecks are incredibly beneficial and will help you maintain a well-stocked supply of ammo.

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