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How To Easily Obtain Epic Profession Items Through Crafting Quest In WOW Classic SOD Phase 3?

How To Easily Obtain Epic Profession Items Through Crafting Quest In WOW Classic SOD Phase 3?

Welcome to this new guide of WoW Classic Season of Discovery Phase 3. The recently discovered epic profession items are poised to become your best-in-slot gear for virtually every class in the game. Some classes even equip 2 of these items, and acquiring multiple is straightforward. Let me guide you through the process.

How To Easily Obtain Epic Profession Items Through Crafting Quest In WOW Classic SOD Phase 3?

Enter The Nightmare Incursion

First of all, head to Ashenvale, and we're going to go inside the Nightmare Incursion. Once you're inside, go all the way to the south below the Warsong Lumber Camp and you will see the Nightmare Amalgamation, a gigantic boss that you will not be able to defeat alone.

You don't even have to fight it. Apparently, you just need to get within its normal range because you'll notice a debuff on yourself called the Aura of Paralyzing Dread. You can pull him if you want. Then you'll hear a little whisper, and you'll begin your journey to get epic crafted gear.

Find The Field Captain

Head outside of the Nightmare Incursion itself and go right to the Field Captain that gives you the quest for the Nightmare Incursions. This might be camped out by the other faction, so just be aware of that. But as you're talking to this Field Captain, you'll notice at the bottom there are new options for you to communicate with them.

Talk With Itharius

After you talk to them, they will offer you a quest called An Amalgamation of Nightmares. This requires you to go to Moonglade and speak to the Druid trainer, Loganaar, which is located in Moonglade.

WOW Classic SOD Swamp of Sorrow

However, Loganaar will send you off to Swamp of Sorrow to find Itharius. Now, head into this cave and you'll talk to Itharius. He's going to tell you that you need to investigate the Sunken Temple and figure out what's going on down there.

Now, you either need a cleared raid lockout or to head into the raid yourself, but you can't do this unless you've actually started clearing the raid. This will go smoothly if you have a certain amount of WoW SOD Gold with you. So once you do, you will have discovered the Bands of Nefarious Deeds. So you can head on back to Itharius.

Head To The Moonglade

The next quest sends you all the way back to Loganaar in Moonglade, and you need to speak to him. And then you will need to speak to a shadowy figure. This figure will send you on a quest to find a gnome. And the gnome is actually located in Booty Bay within the inn. The gnome is called the Injured Gnome.

Next, you're sent off to Jaguaro Isle, the island to the east of Booty Bay. Once you're here, you're going to loot the small burrow. Now, we're going to go back to the Shadowy Figure in Moonglade, which is going to give you some bracers that will allow you to fight against the nightmares.

WOW Classic SOD Nightmare Incursion

Get Mantle Of Nightmares

Then you're going to head back into the Ashenvale Nightmare Incursion. Now, you need to get a group together to kill the Nightmare Amalgamation. So, make sure that you have those bracers equipped, and you will attain a Mantle of Nightmares.

You'll take this back to the Shadowy Figure, which will now offer you an Inert Mantle of Nightmares, and she'll have a dialogue option to teach you all the crafted recipes for your chosen profession. If you need a second Mantle of Nightmares, you can just head on to Rix Xizzix in Booty Bay, and this mob will sell them to you.

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