With Genshin Impact's official announcement that Heize is an upcoming character banner in Version 2.8, players are all focusing on him. If you have planned to include Heizou in your team, prepare it for the ascension in advance, and the materials are sure to help you create the ideal team.

The materials required for Heizou's ascension are different at each stage. Among them, ascension needs mainly include Onikabuto, Runic Fang, and Insignia. We can farm them in the following ways.

1. Onikabuto

This is a strange beetle that is mainly found in Narukami, Kannazuka, Yashiori, and Seirai Island. We will find it in trees and rocks in areas of high Electro concentration. To get it, players have to touch it, and simply knocking down a tree won't get you Onikabuto.

In addition to being an ascension material for Heizou, he can also be used to craft Electro Treasure Compass.

2. Runic Fang

Runic Fang is currently available for the ascension of the most popular 5-star character Yelan, and players need to unlock The Chasm in Liyue first to get it. And get this item by defeating level 30+ Ruin Serpents to drop it.

Fortunately, the amount of Runic Fang required in Heizou's ascension is not large, players can get it through farming.

3. Insignia

Players can repeatedly defeat common enemies to obtain different Insignia drops. And it's worth noting that Insignia's level depends on several hundred enemy levels. At the same time, you can also get advanced Insignia by crafting.

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Although Genshin Impact version 2.7 has just been launched, the content of Version 2.8 has already received a lot of attention. Loyal fans will always look forward to what new surprises the Hoyoverse can bring us.

Combining all the leaks so far, here's what we know about Version 2.8.

1. Release date

According to the official news released on May 19th, Genshin Impact: Version 2.8 will be officially launched on July 13th. This is an update to return to the normal cycle after the delay of version 2.7. According to the previous arrangement, it will continue as usual for six weeks, which ends on August 24.

2. Banner Characters

What I have to mention is that players have been looking forward to the long-awaited four-star character Heizou. According to the voices and rumors of players now, if the character of this Anemo attribute is not introduced in version 2.8, players will definitely be disappointed.

Meanwhile, Yoimiya, Kazuha, and Klee will most likely return to players as Rerun Characters, as they are characters that haven't been reprised since their debut.

3. New Story Quest

There is news that The Golden Apple Archipelago will return with Version 2.8, and the story happens here. Players will most likely receive two quests, the Shikanoin Heizou Hang Out event and Kazuha Story Quest: Acer Palmatum Chapter: Act I.

There are still 40 days before the official releases of Genshin Impact: Version 2.8, and more exciting new content will be announced in the future.

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