Players who venture into Areksia have long been plagued by bot issues, and while developers have been taking steps to reduce these accounts to improve players' gaming experience, it seems to have had little effect. So this week began a massive bot ban, and for now, it seems to have some amazing results.

According to data reflected on Steam, this week's Bot Ban Wave resulted in the loss of around 300,000 players. The number of live online players has dropped from an initial 550,000 to a staggering 200,000. Not only does this prove to us that Lost Ark has been ruled by bots for so long, but it also casts doubt on the number of real populations that have been revealed before.

At the same time, this wave of bans also shows Lost Ark's player-centered service philosophy, and such a large-scale action can actually help players improve their in-game experience.

To get to the root, the core problem with a large number of robots is that they will disrupt the entire economic system of Lost Ark. So the production team has been taking it as the main task to solve.

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