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Night Crows Overview

  • Developer: MADNGINE
  • Publisher: Wemade
  • Release Time: April 27, 2023

Night Crows is a massively multiplayer online battle game that is loved by many players. The game has been carefully crafted in terms of combat details and equipment attributes, and supports thousands of people fighting at the same time. Players can experience real fighting fun through real movements and combat abilities that they can improve through their own efforts.

In addition, Night Crows allows players to experience colorful battles through large-scale battles of 1,000 people, physical conflicts between characters, and three-dimensional battlefields.

Night Crows Diamonds - Functions & How To Obtain?

DIA (Diamonds) is the main currency in Night Crows. Diamonds serve a variety of purposes in the game, providing players with in-game advantages and conveniences.

The functions of diamonds in the game are as follows:

  1. Character Upgrading: Use diamonds to purchase experience value props to speed up character upgrading.
  2. Purchase Props: Various props sold in the game mall, such as weapons, armor, consumables, etc., need to be purchased with diamonds.
  3. Character Appearance: Diamonds can be used to purchase in-game clothing, hairstyles, accessories and other appearance props to make the character more personalized.
  4. Pets & Mounts: Diamonds can purchase pets and mounts in the game to improve the character's combat effectiveness and movement speed.
  5. Resurrection: After death in the game, you can use diamonds to resurrect immediately to avoid losing experience points and time.
  6. Activity Participation: Some activities require diamond registration to participate in the activity and obtain corresponding rewards.

The ways to obtain diamonds are as follows:

  • In-game mission rewards
  • Daily check-in
  • Activity rewards
  • Purchase in the in-game shop

In short, diamonds have a wide range of applications in the Night Crows game. Players can obtain diamonds through a variety of ways, and then use diamonds to enhance character strength and improve the game experience.

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