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About Myth of Empires

Myth of Empire is an online sandbox game focused on cold weapon warfare, emphasizing freedom in gameplay. Set in a multi-civilization world, players engage in survival, construction, management, and creation activities.

In the extensive PVE or PVP environment, strategic leadership is key as players lead their tribes to conquer cities and territories, aiming to establish their distinctive civilizations.

What are Myth of Empires Copper Coins?

In Myth of Empires, Copper Coins reign supreme, serving multiple purposes such as maintaining structures, paying taxes for protection, and acquiring Blessings. Generating wealth primarily involves selling goods to merchants or utilizing the Boundary Marker's ‘Resource Transfer’ function for efficient farming.

To mitigate the challenge of farming MoE Copper Coins, players can turn to various methods such as mob farming, item sales, and completing quests. However, the rate of expenditure often surpasses the rate of earning, resulting in a continuous struggle to maintain sufficient funds.

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