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Monopoly Go Stickers Info

Stickers can be used to customize and personalize Monopoly Go. These stickers can be applied to the game board, player pieces, and other game components, adding a unique and creative touch to the game.

One of the main reasons why players may consider purchasing Monopoly Go Stickers is to enhance the visual appeal of their game. By adding colorful and eye-catching stickers to the game board, players can create a more engaging and immersive gaming experience. Additionally, the ability to customize player pieces with stickers can add a personal touch to the game, making it more enjoyable for the players.

In addition to the visual appeal, Monopoly Go Stickers can also add an element of strategy to the game. By customizing properties with stickers, players can create a more dynamic and competitive gaming experience. For example, players can use stickers to indicate ownership of properties or to track the progress of their investments, adding an extra layer of depth to the gameplay.

Buy Monopoly Go Stickers From MMOAH - Worth It?

Buying Monopoly Go Stickers from MMOAH is worthing it for players who are looking for a convenient and reliable source for these accessories. MMOAH is a reputable online retailer that specializes in gaming accessories, including cheap Monopoly Go Stickers. By buying it here, players can benefit from a wide selection of stickers for sale, competitive pricing, and convenient delivery way.

When considering whether you buy Monopoly Go Stickers from MMOAH, it is important to take into account the cost of the stickers. While the price of Monopoly Go Stickers may vary depending on the quantity and design, it is essential for players to assess whether the cost aligns with the value they will gain from the stickers. You should consider their budget and gaming priorities before making a purchase decision.

In conclusion, if you are sure to buy Monopoly Go Stickers at, we wouldn't disappoint you! Trust us!


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How To Use Your Dice Effectively In Monopoly Go? - Dice Multiplier Uses And Tips
How To Use Your Dice Effectively In Monopoly Go? - Dice Multiplier Uses And Tips

Although many players think that Monopoly Go is essentially a game that relies on luck and strategy, it is not. Even if you have no way to control the results of the roll or the tile you will land on, there are still some ways and strategies in the game that can allow you to determine your own fate.

This mechanism is Dice Multiplier. By using it, you agree to pay one more dice each time you roll the dice, so that you can win a bigger prize. For example, rolling the dice at a ×5 multiplier increases your chances of getting a shield, cash, or rent five times, but consumes five dice.

How To Use Your Dice Effectively In Monopoly Go? - Dice Multiplier Uses And Tips

So using Dice Multiplier appropriately is a good thing in the game. So how can you use this mechanism to the extreme and use it for your own benefit? This guide will introduce the specific usage of Dice Multiplier and some things to pay attention to.

Reasons To Use Dice Multiplier

Speed ​​And Efficiency

Monopoly Go is a fast-paced version of Monopoly that requires players to make quick decisions. A good dice multiplier lets you roll the dice once and multiply the results, saving time and ensuring smoother gameplay.

Reduced Margin Of Error

Manually rolling the dice multiple times increases the chances of errors, such as miscounting or forgetting to move a token correctly. Multipliers eliminate these errors by combining dice rolls into a single action.

Enhanced Game Flow

By using a dice multiplier, players can keep the game flowing and uninterrupted. This keeps everyone engaged and avoids unnecessary delays between turns.

Game Balance

Monopoly Go is designed to strike a balance between game mechanics and pacing. Using a dice multiplier ensures that each player moves the correct number of squares according to the rules of the game, maintaining the fairness and integrity of the game.


Using a dice multiplier is indeed more convenient, especially when playing with multiple people. It simplifies the flow of the game, allowing everyone to focus on strategy and fun, rather than skill.

A good dice multiplier can enhance Monopoly Go experience by saving time, reducing errors, keeping the game balanced, and improving the overall game flow. It is an essential tool for players who want to get the most out of the game.

How To Use Dice Multiplier?

In Monopoly Go, you can find Dice Multiplier in the orange or purple circle next to Go button on the screen. When you are ready to roll the dice, its default multiplier is 1, and you can also manually change it to get a higher or even 100 times reward.

But it should be noted that in addition to the surprise, you should also see if you can afford the number of dice after getting the multiplier. If you see the purple button, you’ve reached the highest multiplier you can use, but there are exceptions, such as High Roller daily events, where the number is higher than normal, so you need to pay attention to this. In addition, the flashing light around the multiplier will remind you.

Although the numbers on the dice are from 1 to 12, Monopoly Go multiplier determines the amount of rewards you get on the next tile, not the number of tiles you walk. Other things affected by Monopoly Go multiplier are:

  • Get cash rewards and some Monopoly Go Stickers from the tile you land on, which is also the most effective way to earn cash. When you land on a tile with a custom shield, you can collect the same number of shields as the multiplier.
  • If you are in prison, you can roll double the dice. In addition, when your shield inventory is full, it will automatically convert into extra dice.
  • If you land on Go tile, you will get extra cash. If you just pass through the tile, your reward will be even greater!
  • As you complete Quick win missions, the missions refresh at 0:00 each day and offer you additional rewards, such as extra Monopoly Go Dices, some stickers, and tokens for long-term events.

Tips For Using Dice Roll Multipliers

While you can get a lot of benefits from dice roll multipliers with relatively little time spent, you must remember that dice are very precious in Monopoly Go, and you need to save your dice so that you can use higher multipliers at the right time.

The right time is during various events, such as the weekly tournaments, which will require you to earn corresponding points and beat at least 50 other players to reach each stage milestone.

Or in the long-term events at the top center of the screen, you can also win tokens and gradually obtain milestone rewards. But you need to be aware that the rewards will be refreshed every time a new event starts, so you need to complete each event as soon as possible.

Some advanced players have done detailed research on the dice roll patterns of Monopoly Go, and the result is that the most common dice results are 6, 7, and 8. So when you are 6-8 spaces away from some very important tiles, such as a rent collection space or one that earns your event points, you can use the dice multiplier.

Although these are also relative to luck, at least some things can develop in the direction we want. These strategies are all about maximizing the use of your dice for cash or event points, which are very worthwhile. In addition, you also need to pay attention to set a goal before you start throwing. If you don’t have a goal, try not to waste your dice.

I hope that after learning the skills of dice multipliers, you can be invincible on the board and wish you easier winning!

Winning In Monopoly GO Will Be Easier With These Tips For Getting Free Dice Rolls!
Winning In Monopoly GO Will Be Easier With These Tips For Getting Free Dice Rolls!

Monopoly GO is a fun and unique game based on economics, where players need to control their characters to move on the board by rolling dice. Players can obtain certain properties on the board, or build some buildings to collect rent. Their major goal is to collect more rent and make other players bankrupt.

So dice are crucial in the game. Without them, you cannot play the game or make progress. But dice are also one of the most valuable items in the game. This guide will detail some ways to get free dice rolls, which can make it easier for you to win during the game.

Winning In Monopoly GO Will Be Easier With These Tips For Getting Free Dice Rolls!

Recommend Your Friends To Play This Game

In Monopoly GO, you can recommend the game to your friends to get a dice roll. Every player who enters the game will have a referral link. As long as your friend clicks on your link and successfully registers Monopoly GO, you will get dice rolls.

It should be noted that your friends must not have played Monopoly GO, and you can only invite up to 10 people, so you can only get up to 10 dice rolls.

Receive Daily Login Rewards

This method is known to most players. There will be a reward package every day when you log in to the game, which will include some free dice rolls and Monopoly Go Stickers.

Another suggestion you need to know is that you need to start the first game of the day as early as possible. This will not only provide you with daily rewards, but also allow you to get some extra rewards. Surprisingly, you may also get dice rolls on these extra rewards.

Actively Upgrade Your Net Worth

At the end of each milestone, you will receive a lot of rewards. Monopoly GO is very understanding of players’ minds, so it will give you free dice at some net worth milestones.

Your net worth is mostly the properties you build, so you should focus on building your new properties and upgrading them in time. Each time you do this, you will add bricks and tiles to your net worth and help you keep those free rewards within reach. The same goes for hotels.

Complete The Token, Shield, And Emoji Racks

There are many interesting collectibles in Monopoly GO, such as tokens, emojis, and shield skins. These collectibles allow players to express themselves more freely in the game. So where can you find them? Just find My Showroom tab in the menu in the upper right corner of your screen.

Besides being able to express yourself freely, these collectibles will also give you some free dice rolls as rewards after collecting them. So you can actively participate in various activities to complete daily event tasks.

Complete Sticker Sets

Another way to get free dice rolls in Monopoly GO is to complete individual Sticker Sets. All Sticker Albums have a certain number of Sticker Sets. Each set consists of 9 Monopoly Go Stickers related to the theme.

Monopoly Go Sticker Sets

After completing each Sticker Set, you will get some special prizes. In addition to the dice rolls we need, there is also cash. If you are lucky, there will be new tokens or shields.

Don’t Forget Community Treasure Chest

When you open the community treasure chest, in addition to rewarding you with a lot of cash, if you are very lucky, there is a very good chance to get free dice rolls.

So you need to keep a close eye on your board and help your friends open the treasure chest. When your friends successfully open the community treasure chest, they will reward you with 10 dice rolls. You can accumulate these for a rainy day.

Participate In More Events And Tournaments

Monopoly GO adds new events and tournaments every 1-2 days, so don’t ignore them! You’ll earn points for participating in these events, and the more you participate, the more points you’ll earn, which means you can unlock more rewards, including dice rolls.

In addition, players who place higher in tournaments will receive additional rewards in addition to the standard mileage rewards.

Monopoly Go Tournaments

Win Quickly

In Monopoly GO, there will be a “Wins” tab in the lower left corner of your screen. Completing some tasks in this tab will earn you free rewards, including free dice rolls.

It’s important to note that these tasks are timed, so you need to be quick to make sure your time isn’t wasted.

Use Stickers To Exchange For Rewards

When collecting Stickers, you will always encounter some duplicate Stickers, which will make you very uncomfortable. But don’t forget that you still have your friends. You can exchange Stickers with your friends for some free dice rolls.

At this time, the role of friends and connections is reflected. The more friends you have, the more opportunities you can exchange and get more dice rolls.

After learning about these ways to get dice rolls for free, are you more confident in beating others gamers in the game? I hope you have fun playing Monopoly GO and make a lot of money!

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