Last Epoch Items Overview

Last Epoch Items refers to all weapons, armor, accessories, idols, crafting materials and other equipment collected by players in the game. These items make your character more powerful by providing bonuses to damage, defense, resistance, skills, attributes, and more. Rare and Legend level items provide the greatest boosts.

  • Weapons: You can equip equipment that causes damage to enemies, including helmets, armor, gloves, boots, and more.
  • Armor: Provides a defensive bonus to the character.
  • Accessories: Provide additional attribute bonuses to the character.
  • Relics: Can give characters unique abilities or bonuses. They can be equipped in dedicated relic slots.
  • Idols: Refers to items that can be equipped in specific slots and provide additional bonuses and effects to the character. They can be combined in different ways for further customization.
  • Runes: Refers to items that can be inserted into equipment to provide additional bonuses or modify existing bonuses.
  • Glyph: Refers to items that can be used to modify or enhance skills and abilities.

How to farm unique items in Last Epoch?

Last Epoch Items can grant stats and special properties, increase the power of your build, and serve as the foundation of your legend. These items are extremely valuable, so it’s important to have an excellent strategy to find them.

  1. Kill Timeline Bosses: You can obtain Last Epoch items by killing Timeline Bosses. It will drop unique items at different levels, but not all items are guaranteed to drop.
  2. Challenge Arena of Champions: There are three champions in Arena of Champions, and each champion has his own Last Epoch item. Champions can drop their unique items at any level.
  3. Completing Side Quests: You can earn two Last Epoch Items by completing side quests in Council Chambers. After the mission is complete, you must decide whether you want to turn it into Elder Ezra or Artem Gambler. You can only receive one of these unique item rewards.
  4. Increasing Corruption: Increasing Corruption is an inevitable way to ensure random world drops. It also affects the likelihood that a boss kill will drop a unique item, so this is an excellent strategy for farming Last Epoch Items.

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