Forza Horizon 5 - How to get purchased credits or items quickly?

1. Auction House Setting: You need to set in the auction house as the following picture

2. Auction House Bidding: You need to choose a car with a big difference between the bid price and the buy-out price, so that you will get a high-value legendary car at a relatively small price. For details, please refer to the figure below.

3. Note: Note that bidding is obtained by the higher bidder, so you are not 100% obtained. Please keep bidding or choose another car to bid again. If you don’t have enough credits to bid for these cars, you can also choose to sell low-value cars. We will also make purchases, but since this game can only be traded 40 times a day, please choose a car with a higher value as much as possible.

For example, the current transaction price of JAGUAR D-TYPE is 16M, and you can also choose other cars. The bidding price will change with the average transaction price of the auction house, so it changes every day. We cannot be sure that a certain car can be sold for a long-term transactions.

4. Comfort Trade: We hope that every customer can quickly get the purchased items. When you don’t have time to do the Auction House trade, you can also choose to Comfort Trade. We need you to provide the game account and password to log in, and please also contact us by live chat to provide the verification code when we try to log in your account.

If you are the Steam user, you also need to provide the Microsoft account and password that bind the game, we will deliver your order as soon as possible, thanks for your cooperation.

5. If you purchased cars, we need to log in your account to do the Comfort Trade(Same as the one above)

Contact customer service if you leave your review, we can send some extra credits, thank you for your purchase.

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