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It’s no real surprise that EA is basically pushing the esports angle with FIFA 18. After all, countless players worldwide now play Ultimate Team.

But some fans believe for FIFA 19 being truly ‘esports ready’, it requires another mode – specifically a ‘spectator’ function.

Other established eSports titles – including Call of Duty, Battlefield and League of Legends – all allow fans to stay tuned and watch friends, pros or rivals play matches.

Some gamers even began a thread about the FIFA Reddit so as to convince EA to add in it.

One fan wrote: “Imagine should you could be careful about your friends’ matches, random matches, as well as FUT Champs matches from pros. Of course, you’d have to become able to hide your usernames/badges for an option because few people will want to become identified. You can even go as much as having the spectator see only 2 different kits.”

Another said: “I’m an experienced guitarist clubs player and also this mode needs spectator mode desperately.”

Nearly every spectator mode has a ‘unhooked’ camera – which means viewers can freely zoom in, out and fly throughout the area with full control.

Perhaps the most effective example of this really is seen in Battlefield, where fans can essentially ‘direct’ their viewing experience – concentrating on troops 1 minute before flicking on the cockpit of the plane the subsequent.

As Reddit veteran Dr_poplove explains, a spectator mode could reveal game engine inconsistencies and imperfections – a risk EA might not exactly want to take.

“The the fact is that who's would expose a great deal of problems that we have now with animations in physics,” he wrote.

“I’m sure EA wouldn’t wish to risk millions of more FIFA memes and make up a negative response.

“Also there’s the latency issue. Spectators would put more stress on their already shaky servers. However, other games have solved this challenge by giving connection priority towards the players.

“This shows that the spectator doesn’t always get full 1080p quality, the most beneficial framerate, and infrequently they’re on the delay. But it’s any small inconvenience for being competent to spectate really.”

It seems, then, which a spectator mode might well be achievable but would require, at least, significant investment to make sure servers are nearly scratch.

Encouragingly, EA said that just this kind of improvement is taken place, to be sure FIFA Ultimate Team matches are less at risk of connectivity issues.

Speaking to Dream Team Gaming, EA SPORTS’ lead gameplay producer Sam Rivera said: “There happen to be decision previously about putting servers all over the world – and people who are not even close to the servers get each year some lag.

“So, so what now we are doing is always that there is a group just specifically focusing on connectivity – and perhaps they are working very difficult to try and provide the top experience.

“Obviously as a result of geographical reasons, it’s quite difficult but we're aware that many people are experiencing bad things – especially with competitive gaming.”

He added: “Even losing one game because of your disconnect could mean you never qualify for the regionals – and then we know that, and are focusing on it. It’s just technically, it’s hard.”

Who knows, spectator mode could possibly be here before we think.

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