China-based Video Game Juggernaut Tencent is continuing their reach by investing in Path of Exile developers, Grinding Gear Games, cementing their place as being the biggest games company on this planet.

Tencent owns stakes in most of the world’s most favored titles, including both PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and Fortnite, games that at some part competed collectively within the Battle Royale genre. Fortunately for Tencent, the organization owns shares in highly successful titles in addition to being Fornite is quickly becoming essentially the most played game on the planet, especially using the release in the mobile versions which feature cross-play and saving capabilities, Tencent is at it win it and Path of Exile is simply another big property, joining the ever-expanding company’s roster of impressive titles.

The proof with the company’s success is in the numbers, with Tencent making an astronomical $3.65 billion in profit into their first quarter of 2018, which already sounds impressive, but comparing it to your likes of Activision Blizzard, another massively successful games company, who on the flip side only made $500 million inside the first quarter, shows exactly how impressive Tencent in fact is. Other big names under Tencent include Clash of Clans, League of Legends developer Riot Games or even a China exclusive Call of Duty online title.

Tencent also recently attemptedto get into Ubisoft’s shares, right after the business successfully ended the Vivdendi hostile takeover fiasco. It will be interesting to find out just where Tencent reaches in the foreseeable future with the current pace and success this company has seen to date.

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