Super Bowl Promo Brings Exclusive Card To Madden 19 Ultimate Team
Super Bowl Promo Brings Exclusive Card To Madden 19 Ultimate Team

Five former Legends cards - Rodney Harrison, Ronde Barber, Dallas Clark, Franco Harris and Reggie White - highlight the major updated additions to MUT. 

Perhaps the biggest detail regarding the previously leaked SB promo, however, is the return of John Elway, who had been previously included in past editions of Madden Ultimate Team but will be making his triumphant return to Madden 19 on Friday.

The current general manager of the Denver Broncos and Super Bowl-winning quarterback’s item will be a part of the “Blue” team along with the likes of White and Harris, while Harrison, Barber and Clark will be a part of the “Red” team. 

It’s not necessarily clear what the teams mean other than the fact players can opt to play as either colour and complete over 50 new solos, which will then give a +1 overall boost to a 94 overall Super Bowl card. 

If you’re wondering why the images displayed in the pictures highlight a 97 overall item but reference a boost to a 94….you’re like the rest of us, but it seems likely the information will be properly explained once it drops Friday.

While the details are sketchy, it’s nice to see EA try something different in regards to the community engagement, even if the +1 overall essentially means zilch when it comes to the logistics of the item itself.

Players can acquire those items through packs and the use of sets, which feature cards from some of the most recent Super Bowls. The likes of Malcolm Butler, Marshawn Lynch, Jordy Nelson and Eli Manning are some of the highest overall cards needed in the set, but it seems likely EA will add more cards throughout the Super Bowl promo, which is expected to end February 8.

Finally, similar to the Zero Chill program, a new currency will be added to Madden Ultimate Team called “Super Bowl rings.”

While many users initially scoffed at the “snow” currency when Zero Chill dropped, the ability to “roll” for cards out of certain packs with the use of the new monetary system ultimately made Zero Chill an enjoyable, and profitable, the venture which will be hopefully very similar in this new format.

Stay tuned at 10:30 pm ET Friday for more information, as we’ll be updating this article after more information surfaces.

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