In June this year, Ubisoft warned Rainbow Six Siege players that they were going to implement an automated ban system when it comes to hate speech and harassment so as to "make the Game a welcoming community space." PC Gamer reports that the system was implemented a few days ago, and auto-bans followed.

The auto-bans are only temporary, and only gets to the perma-ban stage after three offences:

  • First offence: 30 minutes temporary ban
  • Second offence: 2 hours temporary ban
  • Third Offense: 2 hours temporary ban
  • After three offences: an investigation will be conducted and may lead to a permanent ban (maximum penalty)

Some of those auto-banned took their grievances to Twitter, but Ubisoft stood their ground - there will be no racial slurs or hate speech allowed in Rainbow Six Siege - something we can all support. The system doesn't monitor the whole chat, so banning isn't based on perspective, but simply on the use of certain words.

However, the auto-ban system is having an unexpected fallout as some players are goading their opponents into typing racists comments, or trying to trick competitors into the same trap. Scrolling through the Rainbow Six Siege Reddit thread shows the following:

"I feel like a dick, but I used this to my advantage earlier today. In a ranked game I typed in chat "don't be racist", and an enemy got instantly kicked because I baited him into typing something racist," and"had someone asking "what is a nickname for racoons" people are trying to bait hard right now."

One can argue that baiting an opponent into typing hate speech only reveals the racist hiding inside and that he or she deserves to be banned. Tricking someone takes it a bit further, but you'll only fall for that trick once. I hope players wisen up quickly so that everyone can go back to focus on playing the game and not on the auto-ban system.

Do you think the auto-ban system is effective, or is it overkill?