Warning: this is not a professional guide.

Basic Information

Twitch is a 2 armor 2-speed operator in attacker side. She is one of the basic operators, but worth more IMO.


Let's start this with the loadout.

She has the choice between the F2, 417 and CQB pump action shotgun. I highly recommend F2 due to it's insane RoF(980) and decent damage(40->37 please Ubi, I main her! No more nerfs)Ubisoft apparently will nerf the damage of F2, 40 to 37. Still, it will be one of the strongest out of all the other AR(Fuze's AK-12 has highest DPS and C7E is the second highest. F2 is third.) because of it's insane RoF of 980. You will easily melt them!

Another choice is 417 and CQB, but let's not talk about the CQB because, why use this. F2 is better in every aspect.

417 is the DMR deals 69 damage and holds 10+1 capacity. It is good for a medium for a long fight. Just use F2, there's no reason to use 417 or CQB over this monster. As your secondary, there are GIGN revolver and P9.

I don't think the secondary is as important as primary since you will deal most of the fight with a primary. I rather pick P9 over a revolver, because revolver's recoil is just uncontrollable. I use P9 with a suppressor, make defender hard to hear when I destroy the cams. As your secondary gadget, you will get breach charge or a claymore. I recommend claymore because of the high potential of killing the enemy who is flanking.

Unique Gadget

Her special gadget is a shocking drone, hold 5 tasers and she gets 2 of them. You'll be able to use on in prep phase. 

Her drone can take out any traps except for forest's welcome mat and jammer, ADS or even amira window. Simply by shooting the red pipe thing on her window. You can take out the cams in the prep phase, make defenders hard to gain intel. I do not recommend this because you only get 10 tasers total, and you can easily destroy them with her pistol, P9.

Try to save your drone in the prep phase and take the advantage of 2 drones. Use her drones to scout, and take out some HVT. Mostly Mira window and traps.

Quick Tips

Since her F2 is getting a nerf, here's a quick tip. If you tase them, it will deal 10 damage. You will now have HP advantage and F2 will kill the enemy as fast as when the damage was 40(It's still 40, but read the patch note, it is getting nerf 40 to 37.

Another quick tip, if you tase them and let your teammates finish the guy, you will get +10 for shock drone assist and +75 point for kill assist.

Tactical Tips

Help hard breacher to destroy the mute jammer or bandit's battery. Annoy the bandit when he is doing bandit trick. If you are lucky enough, you can down him. Use the shock drone to take out Mira window, your team will be able to get an advantage. And take out traps and ADS so your teammates wouldn't have to worry about them.


She is a supportive operator. If you use her wisely, your team doesn't need thatcher with hard breacher. And remember to use F2 with shock drone. You will have HP benefit and ill be able to take them out as quick as when it was 40 damage.

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