Allen Iverson is a lot more than just the cool nickname, The Answer. He’s more than merely a legendary player. Iverson represents a cultural shift that transcends basketball into hip-hop culture, fashion, and attitude. And now, NBA LIVE players could possibly get to square on him on Christmas Day while using chance for dope prizes over the Iverson Christmas Bonus get together. During the event, you’ll play in The Streets against AI along with an NBA Street legend – should you win, you’ll get Iverson gear, XP, RP, and hype rewards.

We have often heard the phrase “pound-for-pound” mentioned when we speak about Iverson. While he barely hit six-feet and was typically only listed around 165 pounds, he humbled several of the giants browsing the paint. Starting like a college freshman, Iverson looked to generate a culture – the one that revolved around sort of toughness that will turn David into Goliath. When talent and supreme confidence meet, the mixture can solve whatever is at its way – Iverson was nicknamed “The Answer” for any reason.

With signature braids, he sent some text to the other league which he was to arrive to do things his way. Not only did that entice other stars supposed to maintain a clean-cut look but additionally reached the fans who followed his style with his fantastic music taste. AI joined an institution longing for something to trust in. Right out in the gate, he became Philly’s biggest celebrity. The City of Brotherly Love needed him anf the husband needed them, with rallying support through every setback, every injury, every facet of his life. He influenced basketball players, rappers (Meek Mill even kept his braids as a consequence of Iverson), designers, and individuals of all kinds. Having the heart of the lion usually may take a man far, but obtaining the heart of Allen Iverson will take you on the moon and back, and Philly respected and loved that.

After all, Philly houses a rich culture for hoops. Featured in NBA LIVE 18’s The Streets, Cherashore Playground’s league in Philadelphia is named “The Chosen One” – you should bring your A-game. Many ballers still arrive at Cherashore to sneak some ankles like Iverson. It’s only fitting anytime you try to consider number three in Philly in NBA LIVE 18, you’re going to have to beat him at Cherashore.

Speaking of a while ago – remember Stretch from NBA Street? Well, the 46-year old shot-blocking menace waiting on Christmas Day. You might think that because he’s skinny and possesses some years on him, he’s a straightforward win but it’s just the opposite – the existing man could make you pay. Making the trip over from New York City, be prepared to face a streetball icon throughout this Christmas Bonus party – whether or not he is fictional. If you don’t remember Stretch, imagine him as being a cross between Kareem Abdul-Jabbar on offense and Hakeem Olajuwon on defense. Yes, he’s that good! Stretch could be the coolest video gaming character we’ve seen, and the man’s about to use old-school hooks and finger roles to finesse his method to a win.

Do you think that you have what can be done to knock-off two legends? Can you bring it to them in one in the grittiest hoops cities on the planet? Play NBA LIVE 18 on Christmas Day and reveal that you belong after you play together with the best.

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