A new update to MapleStory 2 builds on the “Skybound Expansion” with a Phase 2 that will pit players against the immortal Infernog in a brand-new Chaos Raid.

MapleStory 2, the sequel to the side-scrolling MapleStory, is a 3D, massively multiplayer online role-playing game from developer NSquare. A hit in South Korea, the sequel was finally released in the United States in October of 2018. MapleStory 2 has tons to do, including completing the main storyline, building and playing minigames, but the real draw is customizing your player and hanging out with other people.

Phase 1 of the Skybound Expansion was released in December. It introduces a massive, flying warship to the Kingdom of Tria, accessible to any player who has reached Level 50 (introduced in a quest called “After the Attack on Tria”).

Aboard the Sky Fortress, players encounter four factions united in the Maple Alliance. It’s the Maple Alliance you’ll need to impress if you want to participate in the Wrath of Infernog Chaos Raid, which requires a “Trusted” reputation. Each faction offers daily and weekly missions across all of Maple World, which can be accessed via fast travel on the Sky Fortress Bridge’s Sortie map.

In Phase 2, the Sky Fortress is under assault from an “ancient, immortal threat”—the Infernog. Accessing the Wrath of Infernog Chaos Raid isn’t for low-level players, requiring a 9,000 Gear Score.


But the reward is commensurate with the threat.

Beating the Infernog Raid offers a sweet drop: Pluto’s Accessory Random Box Fragments, which can be combined into powerful new items.


Stats for the new Pluto's Accessories

In addition to the Wrath of Infernog Chaos Raid, the new expansion adds daily quests and Fortress Rumble arena training challenges, which should give players an edge in the new PvP Maple Arena introduced in Phase 1 of the Skybound Expansion.

The new update also includes a raft of patch improvements, particularly improvements to the Housing crafting system, which will now have two additional save slots for players to craft hideouts, country estates and fortresses. The update will also introduce plenty of purchasable new items too, including Style Crates, musical instruments, Weapon Templates, hairstyles and items specific to each Sky Fortress faction.

Phase 2 of the Skybound Expansion is a great opportunity to try out the new class introduced in Phase 1—Soul Binder—under difficult combat conditions. The Soul Binder is powerful in both magical attack and defence, with ranged attack spells like Concussion Orb and Radiant Salvo paired with advanced healing spells like Font of Renewal.

MapleStory 2’s newest addition, Phase 2 of the Skybound Expansion, will be available free to players beginning January 10.

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