Madden NFL Overdrive will require the place in the current Madden NFL Mobile game on August 15.
The new football game from Electronic Arts will incorporate some major graphical improvements.
It will likely include a new Overdrive meter that could let players unlock special boosts to your team.

The 2018 NFL season is beginning in less than 60 days, and Electronic Arts is preparing in advance by announcing Madden NFL Overdrive. This is an all-new NFL mobile game from EA Sports which will take the place of the actual Madden NFL Mobile game on August 15, which has a free update. The game was announced earlier this week as part of EA Play, the company’s game showcase that’s being located in LA included in E3 2018.

Visually, EA Sports says Madden NFL Overdrive will get a major graphical reboot compared to the present game, together with improvements in real-time physics and broadcast-style presentation. More importantly, the modern game will ultimately introduce realtime PvP matches. Yes, it is possible to play a mobile version of NFL football in real time having a friend on your own phone in head-to-head matches initially.

The PvP matches can now be quick, considering they are played on smartphones. Scoring varies as well, because you will earn points for everything your team does around the field, including rushing and passing yards. In a way, it will require a fantasy football-like scoring system, and puts it in a real-time NFL football match.

There’s and a new feature in those games called Overdrive. It sounds similar to a fighting game feature, because it will add a meter on your team that may fill up while you play. You can use that Overdrive meter to unlock new offensive and defensive tactics. In addition, PvP could have Captains, who will be the leaders of one's team and may unlock their unique bonuses. Coaches can also be available to demonstrate your team’s playbook along with the number of special tactics available for a team with the Overdrive meter.

Some with the older game’s features can even return in Madden NFL Overdrive, for instance Live Events, NFL 24/7, and Leagues. Playing PvP matches may also help you in these modes, for instance earning new fans, replacing the same with XP, and ranking up for rewards.

If you might be in the LA area today, you may play Madden NFL Overdrive included in the EA Play Showcase from now until Monday. You can still play the latest Madden NFL Mobile game, when you do, it is going to reward you with special items in the revolutionary Overdrive game if it launches.

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