While the Madden NFL franchise may best be famous for its games on consoles, though the series been specifically making a big impact within the mobile area these days.

Today, EA announced Madden NFL Overdrive as being the next generation of Madden mobile games. A new name represents a fresh game for cellular devices that has been rebuilt through the ground up.

Madden NFL Overdrive promises the most important and most significant update to ever hit Madden NFL Mobile. The mobile version of Madden is often a single download that receives an update yearly adding new content and methods to tie it into its console version.

One big exchange signal of this latest version is the capacity to take part in PvP matches meaning you can look at your skills against a true opponent. Instead of playing a full-fledged Madden match, players can play in all-new game built to speed up the procedure since players take mobile.

This will represent once a head-to-head choices are available on mobile phones which should be exciting to long-time fans on the series.

Players will score points by using a fantasy scoring system plus the mode is referred to as a “quick offensive blitz” so players will most likely have some high scoring games.

As phones progress and find more powerful it permits games to complete more on the devices. As a result, Madden NFL Overdrive features the latest engine that EA promises can certainly make the game look better than ever before.

EA also says Madden NFL Overdrive may have real-time physics and broadcast-style presentation which supports add a a feeling of realism on the mobile version. You can get yourself a brief glimpse of what to expect inside the trailer above.

Beginning today, players can easily pre-register and stay alerted when Madden NFL Overdrive goes live. Players also be given a free Kick Off pack in the event the new season starts.

If players want to buy it, they are able to download the existing Madden NFL Mobile app and boost their Preseason Score and earn tickets that could redeemed for several rewards once Madden NFL Overdrive launches later in 2010.

The latest Madden NFL Mobile tied inside Madden NFL 18’s Longshot story mode and represented the start to your story. It wasn’t vital to learn at all but it really was a fun side activity to perform and made downloading the title more than worth it. If a story mode is within the new iteration, we’d expect the mobile version to get a way to tie in it yet again.

It hasn’t been revealed if the next installment of Madden will come with a similar storyline or not but it really would be surprising whether it didn’t. The Longshot story mode was adequately received by fans and critics alike because it represented another method to get a narrative away from sports game, following inside the footsteps from the NBA 2K series.

Madden NFL Overdrive releases worldwide for iOS and Android devices on August 15, 2018. For more gaming news, guides and features stick to us you will come to Heavy.

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