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That cold blast of air are only able to mean another thing – Ultimate Freeze is back in Madden NFL Mobile! The annual holiday program makes its return December 13 and runs entirely until the New Year.

As always, Ultimate Freeze is a good way to construct your team by incorporating of the best NFL players around.

What to Expect in Ultimate Freeze

96 OVR Freezemaster players can be obtained from sets to kick things off. In addition, boosted versions will likely be available in packs for any limited time. The Freezemasters are:

Ben Roethlisberger
DeAndre Hopkins
Aaron Donald
LeSean McCoy
Kevin Byard

The program comes with 15 Silver, 15 Gold and 15 Elite Players. The Elite players include names like Matt Ryan, Kareem Hunt, Dak Prescott, Brandin Cooks and Melvin Gordon. For the first time in 2010, the Ultimate Freeze Silver players could be trained, creating this is the perfect potential for new players to participate and get caught up!

Overall there will probably be 50+ new Ultimate Freeze Players!

Some other need-to-know's about Ultimate Freeze 2017:

Live Events which provide an opportunity to earn Ultimate Freeze players & items including Ultimate Freeze Presents
30+ new Ultimate Freeze-themed sets to complete
Gift Exchange sets which allow players to trade in leftover or excess items, players, and gameplans to earn Ultimate Freeze Presents
Make it snow in Madden NFL! Earn Snowball Collectibles through achievements, Live Events, and sets!
Snowballs could be used on the variety of new rewards including new Jerseys along with the Ultimate Freeze Glacier Stadium
Holiday-themed Achievements named after your preferred jingles
3 new Ultimate Freeze Daily Goals

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