In this winter, Christmas is coming, at the same time EA brings a new update to Madden NFL Mobile 18! This December update brings some improvements to NFL 24/7 events, H2H and Tournament Rewards, as well as quality-of-life improvements for leagues such as league announcements.

However, the real reason to be excited for this release is our brand-new collection of cooperative league features:  League leveling, League Survival, and League Bank!


You can now level-up your league by earning League XP. Donating stamina, completing your daily league objective, playing League vs. League drives, and participating in the new League Survival mode will each boost your league XP. For each level your league advances you will receive one reward and so will your league bank. Every 5th level will bring higher value milestone rewards!


In addition to traditional league vs league tournaments, League Survival will offer you the opportunity to play alongside your league mates in a series of escalating challenges in order to obtain rewards.

Each round of League Survival will offer an event with multiple levels of escalating difficulty, as well as a target score that your league has to reach as a group in order to progress to the next level. Each league member will get 24 hours to contribute to the league's score in order to push it over the threshold needed to progress.

If your league doesn't reach the required score, you'll have to wait 24 hours in order to initiate a new League Survival. However, progressing through the different levels will earn you Survival and League Packs which allow you to choose one reward for the League Bank and one reward for yourself.

In addition, They are adding new achievements for participating in League Survival so you can have some goals to set for yourself!


They wanted to find a way to really reward active users in leagues and to help leagues build in-game content together with this release. Another new way to do this is the brand-new League Bank system. With each league activity that you partake in, you will contribute to your league's progress towards a new reward. Once enough progress has been made, each league member will receive a pack. In addition, the League Pack rewards from League Survival will place items into the League's Bank, where other league members who contributed towards the league's growth will have the ability to claim them.

League Survival and League Bank Rewards are going to continually reward players who participate and lead their leagues to greatness. In addition, This Player will be the best place to earn our new player type: Neutralizers.


Some NFL players are so good that they can't be gameplanned for, and EA have extended this concept to Madden NFL Mobile 18. Now, you'll be able to earn players who actually reduce your opponent's Gameplan Counter percentage. Your opponent might think they've countered your long pass, but no coach can truly counter Tom Brady, can they?

At last, EA Said:  " We're excited for these new features and are sure you are going to enjoy them. We have the ability to add new events and event types to League Survival, so it will grow and change over time as well ".

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