How to Complete an NFL Playoffs Set in Madden 18’s MUT

The NFL Playoffs objectives in Madden 18’s MUT are live. If you’re capable to complete each of the objectives prior to list expires on 1/26/18 at 9 am ET, you can make an 89+ overall NAT NFL player from each team within the NFL Playoffs this current year namely: Buffalo, Tennessee, Kansas City, Jacksonville, Pittsburg, New England, Atlanta, Carolina, New Orleans, Los Angeles, Minnesota, and Philadelphia. That’s a fairly nice reward! However, completing the objectives will need some time in Madden 18. While many of them are pretty straightforward, one who might be tripping you up (if you’re here), will be the objective to finish an NFL Playoffs set. Here’s the way you do it.

The fastest way is to see your objectives and also click X/A on “Complete an NFL Playoffs Set.” This will bring you with a page coming from all different sets you are able to complete. Tab up to NFL Playoffs and you’ll see sets for both the AFC and NFC, in addition to legends in the playoffs. Click in, and pick one on the team sets to view what cards you'll need.

Unfortunately, since several people are trying to try and do this NFL Playoffs Set challenge like everyone else, the cost of some of these cards you’ll ought to collect is fairly high. Hopefully, you’ve been saving up coins or get lucky and locate what you would like in packs.

Luckily, you simply have to perform one to mark it complete with the NFL Playoffs objectives. Best of luck around MUT heads!