MLB The Show 2019 Review – A Ground Rule Double
MLB The Show 2019 Review – A Ground Rule Double

MLB The Show 2019 has arrived, and with it, the sound of thunderous applause. Sony Entertainment Canada was kind enough to give us an advance copy, and although I’m not overly interested in sports related gaming I decided to give this game a chance at bat. With a litany of new features, serious graphic overhauls, and the baseball puns out of my system, MLB The Show truly provides a fresh face to America’s favorite past time. That being said, I spent most of my time playing The Show with friends of mine, rather than solo. I personally have a tough time dumping hours into additional features in Sports related games, and although Ill attempt to remain unbiased, MLB The Show is no exception to this. Despite having Babe Ruth constantly throw pitches at my batters face, playing with friends was a truly amazing experience, and for that I give this game a giant foam thumbs up.

Additional Features

I wont necessarily enjoy writing about this, but for those of you interested, The Show’s additional content is actually quite impressive. I especially found ‘moments’ to be a valuable contribution, that could find significance in any sports related game. Have you ever wondered how the legends of baseball would stand up to today’s top players? With ‘moments’ you come pretty close to getting a visual interpretation. Similarly, you can actively take part in the greatest moments in baseball history, from Bautista’s bat flip, to a full seven game championship series. If your favorite team lost an integral game, you can re-create it perfectly and change the tides of history. The Show also implements additional challenges, a category in player creation called ‘archetypes’, training rooms etc. As stated earlier, they’re enjoyable but ultimately just get in the way of my playing the game.

Game-play and Controls

Some new features added, make MLB The Show’s already notably responsive controls more effective, and natural. The team at SIE San Diego Studio evidently focused a fair bit of time on defensive fielding, with an advanced fielding AI, new indicators under the players feet showing their fielding ability, and a massive amount of new animations to seamlessly breath life into your player. SIE reports they’ve integrated 1300 new fielding animations, to help separate player skill levels, and make the game feel more approachable. Additional changes to players include not only fielding abilities, but reaction times, movement speeds, throw accuracy, and arm strength, making the gap between success and failure ever larger.

Graphics and Sound

My gaming pals said it best. If you were walking past our window, and stopped to watch us play, it would take far to long for you to realize you were watching a video game, and not a live stream of MLB. The graphics are just that good. The audience is dynamic and every changing, the post inning break downs look fantastic, and the players movements are fluid and realistic.

Replay Value

The additional features as stated are relatively interesting, if you’re into that sort of thing. I for one save my role playing for RPG’s. With that in mind, playing MLB The Show for hours on end is still a feasible experience. Its a beautiful game and easy to enjoy, but I for one see little appeal in the single player. If you’re unsure buying this game, ask your friends if they’d be interested in playing with you, that’s where this game truly shines.

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