NBA LIVE becomes into the giving spirit with all the Outfit with the Day Sweepstakes! Between November and December, iconic streetwear brands Undefeated, A Bathing Ape (BAPE), and Pink Dolphin connected with NBA LIVE to supply players the chance earn in-game gear for team. Now, they’re taking it a pace further.

From December 19 to December 25, players will have the opportunity not only win the dope crates they might’ve missed out on hanging around, but additionally end up with some clothes in the real world. How? Play the Live Event challenges, swag your NBA LIVE player rid of head to toe, and submit a graphic of your player for being one of our Outfit in the Day Sweepstakes winners. Read the full rules.

Want to master a bit more about these streetwear brands? Let’s get started with Undefeated, which began in 2002 catering to sneakerheads around Los Angeles using their customization. During the Undefeated LIVESTRIKE, players made it possible to get a chance at winning the historic Undefeated x Nike Air Force 1 collaboration kicks, and were also capable of getting their practical the rare Undefeated x Air Jordan IV. These shoes belong in shoe royalty as only 72 pairs were released – one even sold on an insane $30,000. The toughest shoe to obtain was the Allen Iverson inspired shoes – just about a third of players could actually get the sneakers AI employed to cross players up in.

A Bathing Ape can be so well-known that cultural legends dating right back to the Notorious B.I.G. were rockin’ it. The Japanese brand has seen recent collaborations with all the likes of Pharrell, Kanye West, Travis Scott, and others. Their signature camo was the highlight of the LIVESTRIKE – it's available in green, purple, along with a multitude of others. While the hoodies and shorts were difficult, most players struggled trying for getting the BAPE shoes – a product or service so nice you’ll must try to have it twice.

Lastly, Pink Dolphin has rapidly risen to the top level of the ranks catering to hoopers, skaters, and anyone generally who stays on top on the trends. Promoting creativity rather than being afraid to fit cross-gendered designs, their slogan “Legends At Our Craft” really shines once you look at their line. The most exclusive item available during LIVESTRIKE was their Pink Dolphin jackets, only around one-in-five players had the ability to get their on the job it.

While winning all this amongst gamers is cool, winning it all in the real world is even cooler. If your player wins the Outfit on the Day Sweepstakes, Christmas arrive early in the type of one of these brands. Stay tuned to both website and web 2 . 0 for more details.

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