The term unicorn is played in basketball nowadays, right? It seems like every player can shoot, every player can dribble, even big men like last week’s NBA Player of the Week Nikola Jokic can display incredible passes tricking you that they will actually be point guards. But, DeMar DeRozan earned the honor to be named this week’s Player of Week recipient and features a skill set better than those usually called unicorns in today’s NBA.

DeRozan is amongst the few players who's an old-school feel to his game. Sure, DeRozan would be the definition of a higher-flyer, but what really sets him up for fulfillment is his mid-range shooting. The crafty wing found ways year-after-year to increase and turn into an all-star and contains done so and never having to develop a deadly three-point shot; rather, he’s beat opponents inside arc. The footwork he possesses makes all of this entirely possible as he’s mimicked the turnaround jumper from idols of his like Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan.

What many don’t realize is DeRozan has exploded each season from the league at a player coming from the bench into your franchise’s all-time leader in career points, field goals made, free throws made, and games played. Whether he’s within the NBA playing when in front of a global audience or home in Compton, California playing inside the Drew League, DeRozan’s has changed into a flat-out superstar.

In order to create home this week’s award, DeRozan led the Toronto Raptors to four consecutive wins. To make matters all the more impressive, all four wins came against opponents having a winning record, like the Western Conference’s top overall team, by record, the Houston Rockets. As the Raptors’ go-to-scorer, DeRozan averaged 26.8 points, 7.3 rebounds, 6 assists, and shot a really efficient 57.3% in the field.

How to Play Like DeRozan

In NBA LIVE, it is possible to recreate DeRozan’s game by deciding on the Wing Scorer playstyle on your player. By choosing this style you’ll gain instant dunking ability, mid-range shooting, and both dribbling along with shooting away from the dribble along with your primary skills. Secondary skills include converting a top percentage of layups, contested shots, and merely overall inside shooting. All of these skills could be enhanced and developed when your player carries on earn experience.

In NBA LIVE, it is possible to turn your player in THE ONE into your next DeMar DeRozan by embracing the Wing Scorer playstyle like a guard or forward. Aside in the obvious inside shooting ability we’ve seen beyond DeRozan, one important thing that makes him so special is his on-ball defense. With both size and length, it’s challenging to get by a person like him. Your player can turn into your perimeter defender DeRozan happens to be by developing – this is probably by far the most essential trait should be able to hold your personal against the Kevin Durants and LeBron James’ on the planet.

Next time you’re playing NBA LIVE’s The One, go on and dominate competition by exposing your best inside-out game – make sure you hit them for two within the paint and surprise them much more by stepping out and flashing your stroke from deep the same as DeMar DeRozan.

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