How to Get Elite Color Rush Players in Madden Mobile
How to Get Elite Color Rush Players in Madden Mobile

How to Get Elite Color Rush Players in Madden Mobile

Whether you cherish them or hate them, there’s no denying the NFL’s Color Rush initiative due to the Thursday night games has blazed its way into the brains of football fans in the least few seasons. It would be hard because of it not to, considering it features teams wearing solid color, often really bright uniforms.

Madden Mobile is giving the possibly-designed-just-to-sell-more-merchandise promotion its due which consists of own Color Rush Live Events with the 2017 season. Added during Week 4 on the current NFL season, these events enable you to win special badges of numerous colors and pieces of exercise machines, then turn those involved with for Gold Color Rush players.

And while that’s all well and good, whatever you really want is Elite Color Rush players for making your team as effective as it can wind up being. How do you begin doing that? First tap the ‘Color Rush’ tab around the home screen after which follow these instructions.

How to Get Regular Elite Color Rush Players

In the key Color Rush screen, you’ll go to a circle of Color Blitz events in between and and AFC and NFC Gauntlet on either sides. All of those events are very important for earning Elite Color Rush Players.

The Color Blitz events rotate every three hours, and get you Color Rush Patch tokens including a chance with an instant Color Rush Patch for any win. They’re repeatable, and you get double the amount tokens for ones first win. For every 250 tokens you collect, you’ll receive a random Color Rush Patch, even so the instant patch is definitely the same color in the event, to ensure does matter.

You also can win tokens playing from the Gauntlet events, which reset every day or two. You’ll earn one among four pieces of apparatus for each part of the Gauntlet - Helmet, Shoulder Pads, Gloves, Cleats - and four Gold Color Rush players for your fifth and final step. The first four steps are repeatable, even so the finale just isn't.

Once you’ve acquired some patches and equipment, you’ll need to head to Sets colliding with the ‘Color Rush’ tab. There you’ll discover the Elite Color Rush player set, which requires 20 Gold Color Rush players and 20 Color Rush Patches from a color. Redeem them for starters Elite Color Rush player.

To get Gold Color Rush players, there’s a collection for that too. Trade in certainly one of each on the four pieces of kit and one patch of the color for just one Gold player. You also can get one in the Color Infusion set, which only takes one Gold player of a typical kind and also a patch, if you can only make the most of it once every four hours.

Yet you can even find better Color Rush players available …

How to Get Color Rush Heroes

The best Elite Color Rush players are simply in the Color Rush Heroes sets right below a normal ones. There are 32 takes hold all, one per NFL team, and completing one not simply earns you an Elite player that starts at 87 overall but in addition unlocks the Color Rush jersey with the team for usage in Madden Mobile. Your opponents will definitely see you coming there after.

Like anything powerful in Madden Mobile, though, these players try taking some work. A Color Rush Hero set takes two Elite Color Rush players, 50 badges of the specific color and 50 badges from a color to finish. Considering that just getting the two Elite players requires a bunch of badges too, you’ll be playing these events much to finish off any one of these sets.

Bonus Tip: Every so often, you’ll visit a special Color Blitz event pop up inside the middle on the circle of Color Rush events. Completing this will get you a random badge but in addition grant a Prismatic Color Rush Badge, that may take the place of your badge of the color for that purposes of completing sets. Keep an eye out for this launch and always get involved in it when you can.

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