Welcome to Fortune Island Set up the Horizon Festival on Fortune Island 10
Made the Cut Reach Round Two of the Island Conqueror 20
Top 50 Percent Reach Round Five of the Island Conqueror 20
The Final Twelve Reach Round Ten of the Island Conqueror 30
The Island Conqueror! Come First in the Fortune Island Finale Races titled The Leviathan and The Kraken 50
Hunter Gatherer Smash your first Treasure Chest 10
Driving Detective Smash five Treasure Chests 20
Get Rich and Drive Tryin' Smash all ten Treasure Chests 30
Paved with Gold Drive every Road in Fortune Island 20
Fortune for All Complete Round Three of a Forzathon Live Event on Fortune Island 20
Seasoned to Victory Complete a Seasonal Championship on Fortune Island 20
Drift Club Island Earn 21 Stars in Drift Club on Fortune Island 20
Not Just Straight-line Speed Earn at least one star at a Trailblazer Gate 10
Drifters Paradise Get Three Stars on every Drift Zone on Fortune Island 20
Trailblazing Get Three Stars on every Trailblazer Gate on Fortune Island 20
In the Zone Get Three Stars on every Speed Zone on Fortune Island 20
It's a Trap Get Three Stars on every Speed Trap on Fortune Island 20
Frequent Flyer Get Three Stars on every Danger Sign on Fortune Island 20
Better get Kraken Complete The Kraken in less than six minutes in the Saleen S5S Raptor 20
Wait… how did you do that? Get Three Stars on the Needle Fall Danger Sign in the Morris Minor Traveller 20
Full of Zest Three Star The Forest Run Trailblazer Gate in the Peel P50 20
Leviathan Slayer Complete The Leviathan in less than eight minutes in the Ford Fiesta ST RX43 20
The OG Get over 180 MPH in the Koenigsegg CC8S at the Lady on the Lake Speed Trap 20
Exodus of Exocet Get a time of forty seconds or better in the Exomotive Exocet at the Halcyon Point Trailblazer Gate 20


Fortune Island should be available as part of the Forza Horizon 4 Expansions Bundle which gives players with two game expansions for $34.99. However, if you already own Forza Horizon 4: Ultimate Edition or the Forza Horizon 4: Ultimate Add-ons Bundle, you'll receive Fortune Island at no cost.

A report that came out a few weeks suggested that Forza Horizon 4 has doubled its launch player count over Forza Horizon 3. This might be a result of Xbox Game Pass because the game is available for free to anyone who subscribes to the service for $9.99 a month.

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