Forza games critical reward-system bug has been enduring for months. Over hundreds of Forza fans complained about this on the forum of Forza official site. They urged Forza to fix this problem as soon as possible, and provide all their redeemed rewards, including cars and credits, back to their own accounts, yet the problem still hasn’t been resolved entirely.

According to the gamer reviews and comments, This bug has an unlimited range for most Forza games, including FH1, FH2, FH3, FM4, FM5, FM6, FM7, as well as platforms, like PC, XBOX ONE, even mobile. The bug was concluded as “unable to receive the weekly rewards even if they are redeemed”,”Nothing shows in Reward overview page”. Some players were convinced that the bug caused by the achievement process can’t be tracked by the games’ system. Although there was a certain trend showing that the rewards bug had only existed in the latest upgraded Tier rank players achieved, other side-effects were still enlarging - Game scores reset, system halted, and of course, more complaints towards Forza are on their ways.

Although some players claimed the bug has been fixed in most Forza games several days ago, it seems that only one or two versions are still busted for this problem among many players. However, the argument for the rewarding principles is still ongoing. Focus on the rewards grant rules, some gamer pointed out there are two ways to get the redeemed rewards fullback: Either earning the free points again in Forza games or buying all DLC and tokens they gave the points for, which have been described as “a gesture has resulted in confusion and frustration”, touching the nerve of others at same time.