What time is FIFA 20 coming out?
In recent days, the discussion about FIFA 20 is arising heated, announcement came finally that about one year has passed away since the last version FIFA 19 released in September, 2018, FIFA 20 is coming out as expected for Microsoft Windows, XBox One, Playstation4 and Nintendo Switch players on September 19 this year, correspondingly more dollars must be paid for the new version.

Who will be the cover star of FIFA 20?
In the first five months Cristiano Ronaldo as a star featured on the cover of FIFA 19 by EA Sports, while the new main cover star in FIFA 20 will be selected by voting for your favourite footballer from now on, maybe David Beckham, Fernando Morientes, Dennis Bergkamp or other footballers you like.

What are expected to happen in FIFA 20?
No game can be perfect, EA has worked for a long time to correct by various update or expansion of different versions, while quite a few changes have been proposed by most players after all it's far away from flawless, and what expected to happen by them in FIFA 20 are as follows.

Expectation 1: Increasing more dynamic skill movement
For a long time Career Mode is always lagging behind Ultimate Team for EA and facing much criticism with the concept highly unrealistic especially goalkeeper movement. Players feel sluggish all the time, they just want to act like in real life, fast, unpredictable and a way of keeping the opponent guessing as to what they are going to do next.

Expectation 2: New modes for player manager
The manager may be a new career having two mode options at the same time, they can manage their own team or dispatch their star man on the match, which may be a good addition replacing casual game modes and available when manager is bending in free kicks with players and making tactical adjustments.

Expectation 3: Adjustment of ticket price
The hot topic“How much will FIFA 20 cost”are constantly discussed, it's paid $ 69.99- $ 89.99 from Champions editions through Ultimate edition in the different countries, correspondingly the ticket prices would have an adjustment including FIFA 20, which means that the higher price you can raise with better match, or lower the price if you can't appeal more fans.

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