FIFA’s Ultimate Team is at a weird position where it’s loot boxes aren’t usually criticised. FIFA’s player base recently come to accept it, along with the number of casual players which simply play FIFA probably isn’t even alert to the larger discussion surrounding loot boxes. EA is though and are adding Ultimate Team pack odds within the upcoming FIFA 19.

EA Sports Vice President, Daryl Holt, spoke to Eurogamer on the Gamelab 2018 conference in Spain. He said “For Ultimate Team, whenever you buy a pack do you know what you are getting. You are getting a certain quantity of assets which can be guaranteed – and we’re gonna start to do pack odds disclosures that’ll provide you with the odds products you might get”.

Worryingly, when later pushed for the more detailed answer in regards to what pack contents could be disclosed, EA declined to comment.

There is really a huge push by various governments to hack down on loot boxes as is also perceived to be just codified gambling. Belgium along with the Netherlands were the first ones to ban them in games, whereas France has explicitly allowed them in a recent ruling.

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