FIFA 19 Future Stars Players Will Come Out On Tomorrow
FIFA 19 Future Stars Players Will Come Out On Tomorrow

EA Sports FIFA devs team manage to film and roll out another gem of a promo for FIFA 19 Ultimate Team. The fun fact for these new future stars players cards is that we can possibly get to use potential future stars as though they have already reached star-status before they become household names. Although, the shown ratings, in fact, could be their maximum potential ratings instead of the real initial ratings. 

The criteria for FIFA 19 Future Stars is rather straightforward, all shortlisted players must be age 23 or younger and any established stars aren't taken into account. The ratings demonstrated on these new Future Star players is an indication of what they are capable of becoming in the future from public opinion. Hence the image slogan, "believe the hype!"

There is currently some debate regarding whether or not FIFA 19 Future Stars will be dynamic live items. Examples of these live cards include FIFA 19 Road to the Final and OTW (Ones to Watch) items. The ratings shown are either a maximum potential that can be achieved by the end of the FIFA 19 Ultimate Team or a fixed rating that will stay the same.

As to how long these Future Star players will be available for and if they will even be in FUT packs still remains undetermined yet. But we do want a full squad to be rolled out this way though. It's highly possible to see extra players released exclusively as untradeable FIFA 19 Future Stars SBC items, along with potential Weekly Objectives. 

There is also a high possibility these players could require certain objectives to be completed in order for them to be upgraded. For example, let's assume that these items start the same as their regular base FUT card, then EA provides specific objectives for each player (such scoring 40 goals), and then they receive a +1 OVR (overall) rating increase. Stating with pure speculation at the moment, but we are pretty sure that this really would make sense in terms of keeping FUT fans invested in playing the game!

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