A demo for FIFA 19 will be available soon, EA Sports has announced. The demo will arrive on Thursday, September 13, the company announced today. There is no word yet on what teams, stadiums, and modes will be available in the demo, though those details should be announced soon given that the demo is just days away.

The demo will presumably be available on all FIFA 19 platforms: PS4, Xbox One, and PC. FIFA 19 adds a number of new features and updates this year, so hopefully the demo lets players try out some of these


A demo for FIFA 19 competitor PES 2019 has been available for weeks now--here's how to get it.

In other FIFA 19 news, EA has announced the first 20 of the top 100 rated players, so that's the players rated 100-81. Some of football's biggest names are represented there, including Zlatan Ibrahimovic (No. 98) and Diego Costa (No. 81). You can see the full 100-81 list here.

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